how do you cure thrush in babies naturally?

June 10th, 2011 by Emily
thrush in babies
by Bryan Loar

Question: how do you cure thrush in babies naturally?
don’t want to give chemicals or antibiotics to my infant (antibiotics are what caused it in the first place!)
i am not breastfeeding, the nyastin did not work and have been given a stronger perscription to give him this was caused by antibiotics(dr. confirmed)

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Answer by pocahontas80_1999
not sure what to tell you except get the meds from the dr for it. it is really a yeast infection of the mouth. if you don’t take care of the problem itself it will keep coming back.

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11 Comments on “how do you cure thrush in babies naturally?”

  1. missy muffen says:

    plain yogurt… not sure if a new born can eat it, but thrush is a version of a yeast infection and yogurt helps that too. ask your dr about it first.

  2. hhutchie says:

    it is best to get something from the doctor for it! i doubt they will give anti-biotics! when my son had it they gave him and oral gel and some medicine! it worked very well! i would see your doctor about it before it spreads to the stomach because then it can be very very uncomfortable! once its cleared you could try giving your little one a pro biotic yogurt drink daily, if he or she is old enough! also cut down on citrus drinks and squashes!

  3. belinda says:

    Gentian violet–do it outside, I hear that your baby will drool purple everywhere! You’ll have to treat your nipples, too.

    Acidophilis capsules–break it open and pour the powder onto baby’s tongue. They say it tastes really good, so baby will like it.

    Sorry, spellcheck must be down, so I’m not sure on the spelling of acidophils.

  4. biogeogirl02 says:

    If it’s in the mouth then like the other person said – try yogurt or something like that. If it’s a yeast rash in the diaper area (my daughter got that while on antibiotics) then a bath with vinegar works well.

    Ask your pediatrician for home remedies.

  5. newmom says:

    Am not sure if this works for curing thrush. take a clean wet cloth and wipe babies tongue couple of times in a day. I was told to do this to prevent thrush..not sure if it will cure already exsisthing one. but one suggestion would be to use the medicine doc suggests atleast for a couple of days else ur baby might be at the risk of getting vaginal infection too and the yeast could pass on to mum if breastfeeding. not sure how old ur baby is..u could try yougurt . good luck

  6. criley27 says:

    I personally, am not sure, and do not want to give you wrong information. I would talk about it with your doctor, and see what he says. As far as antibiotics causing thrush, are you sure?

  7. provocant2002 says:

    Get to the doctor and get some meds. Dont you know it’s painful for the child? Have you ever had a yeast infection?? Sore itchy.. come on and go get some medicine. My doctor gave me NYSTATIN and it was given 4 times a day for like 3 weeks.. its yellow and sour for the child but its better then the poor thing hurting every time they eat.. Are you breast feeding?? If so you are going to have to get some cream for your nipples because all you will be doing is giving it back to the baby and it will never go away. And if bottle feeding wash and boil nipples for 10 minutes. That includes pacifiers too!! I would suggest going and buying new pacifiers if you use them. Hope you take what i say and go visit a doctor.. or urgent care ASAP. Don’t let your child suffer.

  8. vle045 says:

    Antibiotics did not cause it. Thrush is a yeast infection and common for breastfed babies. You would treat the baby with a drop of Nystatin prescribed by the doctor AND Nystatin cream for the mother’s nipples so that that you do not re-infect the baby. You also need to wipe the Nystain cream off before feeding the baby. It will clear up rather quickly. Nystatin is an anti-fungal, not an anti-biotic. I wouldn’t try “Home remedies” with a baby considering most of the home remedies are things that are not necessarily safe for babies… like Yogurt!

    We have used the Nystatin and it was fine! No problems, cleared it right up.

    Better to use something prescribed by the doctor than to experiment on a baby!

  9. mystic_eye_cda says:

    Aside from the prescription antifungals which do not always work in any case there is:

    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Genetian violet is often listed as a natural cure, and while it is available over the counter it is neither natural nor necessarily safe. There is some evidence it can cause cancer.

    ALWAYS treat mom and baby at the same time if breastfeeding. ALWAYS treat artificial nipples (if used), cloth diapers, and nursing bras.

  10. letsgetalong says:

    All I can tell you is that my son had thrush for over a month. I tried Nystatin, gentian violet, boiling EVERYTHING, sanitizing everything and the only thing that would help was Diflucan. Cured it so fast, it was great! I would suggest getting diflucan, because untreated thrush has the possibility of getting severe and it will only hurt your baby.

  11. foxxinaboxx says:

    Try yogert. Thrush is just a yeast infection in the mouth, so yogert might help…if your baby is old enough to have dairy, that is.

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