How do you get rid of yeast infection without going to the Dr?

May 8th, 2013 by Emily
thrush yeast treatment
by AmbiOct

Question: How do you get rid of yeast infection without going to the Dr?
My daughter has a yeast infection and she is so stubborn like her dad and doesn’t want me to take her to the physician she just turned 15 and we know for a fact she got it from her showering suit Are there any home remedies that we can try with out inserting anything in the vagina because she is terrified about the whole inserting things in her vagina. Please help me and thank you !

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Answer by neon
the over the counter cream she can place on it monistat is the best u dont have to place it in there

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3 Comments on “How do you get rid of yeast infection without going to the Dr?”

  1. TLC says:

    Well i heard that putting plain yogurt on a tampon that it would help, but that doesn’t help you since she wont put anything in her vagina. Maybe ask your local pharmacy. They might have creams that could help.

  2. Andy says:

    First things first: Yeast infections itch and are red and are not associated with fever, urinary tract infections burn when you pee and hurt like hell.they are sometimes associated with fever.. and are sometimes associated with blood in the urine.

    Assuming she’s itching and red, rather than burning when she pees or has fever, yes you can treat this over the counter. If she has fever, you need antibiotics. Go to your doctor or local health department to get them.

    But if she DOESN’T have fever or painful urination, go to your local pharmacy and buy tioconazole (or miconizole if they don’t have tio). Put it on the itchy red parts twice a day for a week — even after it’s not itchy or red. This will treat it definitively. But remember: Miconazole is sometimes assoicated with contact allergy… meaning it can burn when you put it on if she has an allergy to it. So if she starts screaming, wipe it off and put her in the shower with luke-warm water running over her vagina. This is MUCH less likely to happen with tioconazole. Buy the generic version, it’s half the price and the exact same thing. (Flip over the box and look at “active ingredient” for tioconazole. The other great thing about tio is that is usually works in a day or two… immediate relief!

  3. Daniel Dutton says:

    Ideally, she should visit her doctor however you can get canesten tablets / lozenges from your local pharmacy that will treat vaginal thrush. Saying that, if you leave it a few days her immune system may get rid of it without any treatment.

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