How do you get tested at the doctor’s for Candida?

November 15th, 2012 by Emily

Question: How do you get tested at the doctor’s for Candida?
I’ve been sick for nearly a year now with severe digestive issues as well as many other symptoms. I believe I have Candida overgrowth but I don’t know how to get tested and treated for it. Also, how long does it take for a mortal to get better? I’m getting married in less than 5 months and I want to be ready to consume at my wedding. Please help! Serious answers only, please.

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Answer by Maria
If you think you have a yeast overgrowth than you should try yogurt and probiotics and if that doesn’t make it superior in a short time (few days to a week) you probably don’t have a yeast issue. Who thinks you have a yeast issue, you or your doctor? If you did have a yeast overgrowth odds are you would see it somewhere external like in your vaginal area or your mouth. Also something else you can try to do is stay away from sugary foods. They are just what the yeast needs to grow and thrive. Also, if your partner isn’t getting any symptoms of yeast infections in his “man parts” than odds are that you don’t have it. I know that what you have stated here is limited but from what you have and haven’t stated I doubt yeast. There are other much more likely possibilities.

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2 Comments on “How do you get tested at the doctor’s for Candida?”

  1. CandidaGuru09 says:

    It’s possible it could be Candida but it could also be a whole host of other things as well. The best way to find out is to do your best to get a clinical diagnosis. Internal Candida overgrowth is a bit difficult to test for though. It’s not like a vaginal yeast infection, oral thrush, or nail and skin fungus which can all be seen quite easily. If you have an internal fungal overgrowth then there are a few tests you could have done, such as an upper endoscopy, lower endoscopy, a few blood tests, and even some saliva tests. Your doctor should be familiar with each of these types of test and recommend the best one for your case.

    In regards to how long it takes to get better, it depends on several factors. How strong your immune system is, how well you respond to treatment, etc. etc. Personally I was diagnosed with an esophageal Candida infection back in 2007. It was pretty bad but I was prescribed Fluconazole by my doc and was better in two weeks, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about in regards to eating at your wedding. :)

    I wrote about my experience with Candida at my blog, and I also posted my endoscopy pics if you wanted to check it out (the link is in the sources below). Scroll half-way down the page of my blog and you can see the pics. They’re pretty gross, but it will give you an idea of what an esophageal Candida infection looks like.

    Good luck with your doctor. I hope your visit reveals something worthwhile. And congrats and good luck with your wedding!

  2. cz says:

    if you take a glass of water first thing in the morning when you wake up, and spit in it it is a test to check to see if you have candida. you will be able to see as it sets how much it gets stringy as it sets. you can look it up if you want. you can take probiotics, eat sugar free yogurt and eat organic garlic. all of those will help to reduce it.

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