How do you treat a male yeast infection?

March 8th, 2013 by Emily
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Question: How do you treat a male yeast infection?
Im pretty sue my Partner has a yeast infection but he has no symptoms, how does he treat the infection?

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Answer by Mark
Natural Male Yeast Infection Treatment
Natural cure options are innocuous to use and fast at healing this condition. A natural way to cure male yeast infection is vinegar. One has to just apply it on the affected area to get relief from itchiness. Vinegar is generally blended with water for the treatment of male yeast infection. It is very much capable to relieve the soreness and itching associated with this infection. Another effective treatment favourite among patients is essential oil, especially tea tree oil. In order to use tea tree oil, it is first diluted and then applied generously on the infected portion of the body.

Garlic is also considered a natural cure for male yeast infection. Gently rubbing a clove of garlic on the affection portion regularly for 4 – 5 days is sure to wage immense relief. Soaps, particularly those that contain strong chemicals should never be used as these individualized care products are known to worsen the condition. Herbs such as black walnut, licorice and chamomile are an effective cure for yeast infection in male. These herbs can either be ingested or applied directly to the affected part of the body as a paste.

Change in Diet
Certain dietary changes such as avoiding foods that contain yeast is essential as they can worsen the yeast infection. Cranberry juice is also helpful to treat male yeast infection. One can drink this juice until the symptoms clear away. Daily intake of fresh clove of garlic is beneficial as it is a powerful healing agent and helps to reduce symptoms of yeast infection. Physicians often advocate that men suffering from yeast infection should include yogurt in their diet to accelerate the healing process.

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