April 17th, 2013 by Emily

Question: How do you treat an INTERNAL YEAST INFECTION?
I need to know if anyone out there has had an internal yeast infection, and what are some things I can do to treat one? I’m really looking for over the counter remedies that might help me! Thanks!

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Answer by S.I.A.B.
A easy way to treat the infection is to consume unflavored, unsweetened (as sugar or sugar substitutes will worsen the infection) yogurt. The cultures found in yogurt will cure the infection.
The more organic the yogurt you can find, the more cultures will be present which will superior aid you. Try not to get over-processed yogurt as it contains tiny if any culture.

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10 Comments on “How do you treat an INTERNAL YEAST INFECTION?”

  1. sunnyfun31 says:

    I’ve felt your pain.
    Over The counter remedies are just a quick fix and it will come back.
    The hardest thing about yeast infections is the time it takes to cure it properly.This is a sure way to clean yourself up internally and trust me you will feel many benefits. this is not forever but for 3 weeks. Once you get past the first 3 days it is relatively easy.
    Be prepared for headaches and achiness if you are a major sugar or caffeine person. Again after 3 days you will feel the benefits.
    To go a more natural route look for a product called Yeast Gard to ease any discomfort. (found in most drugstores)

    You have to make a conscience decision to cut out all sugars this includes fresh fruit and juices in addition to chocolates and sweets and cookies and cake, any thing with yeast is out too. All wheat products, breads and carbs ie potatoes, white rice must also be stopped. Caffeine and alcohol must end too. Tomatoes are not to be eaten, and no vinegar or pickled products. No sauces, or cheese or nuts either. This is a fairly large list which leaves you to wonder what you can eat.

    Here is a list for starters:

    Eggs, Millet cereal with rice milk such as (Rice Dream) brown rice, all vegetables except any form of potato,fish is allowed but-NOT shellfish.
    Chicken and meat are your main source of protein and these are fine. Season only with sea salt and or other herbs and seasonings not processed. If you eat salad only olive oil and seasoning can be used.
    To do this requires great discipline but I promise it will work and you will end up feeling fantastic to boot!

    For snack you can have carrots, rice crackers, and plain yogurt. Cottage cheese is also allowed. Buy acidophilus tablets that have a large number of live cultures in it and take them daily as directed.
    Stop using soaps or body washes that have any perfumes in them and if you can, get air to the area….wear only cotton underpants and skip the pantyhose or tight fitting jeans.

    Hope this helps and you have the will power to see it through! It is so worth it.

  2. hali says:

    go to a health food store or grocery store and get some acidolpholus, its the same stuff in yogurt but more potent, take lots of it.

  3. Quicksand says:

    only eat plan yogurt with no add suger and you will be fine and do this for one week 2 time a day in the morning and the evening . best of luck

  4. curious one. says:

    like they said, unflavored yogurt works for most people. –yet it didnt work for me..
    so i went to like walmart and bought some kind of medicine.
    sorry, its been a while so i dont remember what it was called.
    but you can find it where you find the pads and such :) lol hope i helped

  5. Joe Knows says:

    Go to a doctor. The doctor can prescribe an antifungal medication. The antifungal medication will kill the yeast infection.

  6. carobygirl says:

    Yogurt has good bacteria that could fight yeast, but the bacteria in yogurt generally cannot survive the acid in the stomach. You need to find a supplement that contains bacteria that survives stomach acid. Culturelle contains such bacteria. Here is a link:

  7. alc0035 says:

    Do a candida cleanse..that is what I do.

  8. nesa23us says:

    I treat mine w/raw garlic and baths w/herbal relief spray in the water. You can find the latter at

  9. who m says:

    Internal yeast infections are almost always caused by harmonal imbalances in our body. While this sounds scary, it is the easiest to treat, because we can rectify the imbalances by changing our food and diet habits.

    Most people do not realize that yeast infection relief can be experienced in as little as 24 hours using basic food items.

  10. HumanError says:

    1. The best working drug is unfortunately prescription one. Diflucan (generic fluconazole) does not let the fungi to divide, so if you take it internally for period long enough for existing fungi cells to die you get rid of your yeast infection.
    2. At this point you have to work on not letting the infection back. It tends to recur. Yogurt with active cultures may help to fill the empty space in your intestines before something else does. Eat plain yogurt with variety of cultures. Lower your sugar intake – that’s yeast food too. Grapefruit seed extract works well ( kind of expensive ). Research other foods with antifungal properties that you tolerate to eat – raw garlic, etc.
    3. It does not matter which part of the body is affected, the plan should work.

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