How does dairy yogurt help a yeast infection?

September 21st, 2013 by Emily

Question: How does dairy yogurt help a yeast infection?
I read in an answer previously that dairy yogurt helps a yeast infection. How do you go about appying it and how long to do leave it on for?
how muck should I use?

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Answer by MissA
You need to purchase a yogurt that has no sugar or other flavorings (including vanilla) and states “With active cultures”.

It helps because the lactobacillus in the yogurt helps restore the equilibrium of organisms in your vagina, while the pH (how acidic it is… your vagina should be about as acidic as a glass of wine) is about where your vagina should be at.

A lot of people advocate putting it on a tampon. Personally I do NOT advocate this, as the fibers in the tampon will irritate the tender tissues of your vagina. You can purchase applicators for vaginal creams at the drugstore, or just kind of wodge it in there with clean hands or a small spoon. I’ve heard of women making tiny yogurtsicles by freezing yogurt in molds prefabricated out of tampon holders or the fingers of rubber gloves but it just sounds like that’d be very painful to insert.

Do it once or twice a day. It’ll work its own way out, so doing it at night might be more beneficial.

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2 Comments on “How does dairy yogurt help a yeast infection?”

  1. wormwood97006 says:

    {Many women find relief using an acidophilus-containing yogurt douche daily for a few days or weeks, depending on the severity of the infection. Three capsules of acidophilus or one-quarter teaspoon of powder can be taken orally one to three times daily. Acidophilus can also be taken preventively during antibiotic use to reduce the risk of Candida vaginitis.} this was coppied from mother The term acidophilus containing i think just means when yorgurt says “contains live cultures” on the container. aciophilus tablets are available anywhere.

  2. Sue says:

    Use PLAIN yogurt. Anything flavored or sweetened will ‘feed’ the yeast and make it worse. Insert the yogurt (using a clean tampon applicator) and then wear sanitary pads. The infection is deep in your vagina/ cervix, and wiping yogurt on the outside won’t do anything for it. It is still a messy option. When it works, it is because the active yogurt cultures ‘eat’ yeast cells. Adding yogurt to your diet can also help your body minimize future infections.

    A much better option is to buy the over-the-counter yeast infection products (gel bead, ointment) that are inserted. Some work in one day, some require 3 or 7 days to complete treatment. Finish the whole treatment, because symptoms usually go away long before the infection is cured. You do not need a prescription, and they can be purchased at any store that carries feminine protection. (Look near the tampons and pads, or by the family planning section).

    1) Wear breathable panties (not nylon)
    2) Change out of dancewear, swimwear promptly
    3) Change panties more often — your normal perspiration traps moisture and encourages yeast.
    4) If you have frequent or ongoing infections, have yourself tested for diabetes (high blood sugar). Diabetics get more yeast infections because their bodies don’t metabolize sugar as well, and the ‘extra’ can ‘feed’ yeast.
    5) Ask any sexual partners to check themselves for redness or itchyness. Some infections are passed from partner to partner, taking you longer to reach a full cure.

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