? HOW I can treat my thrush without ANY KIND of health insurance?

March 15th, 2013 by Emily
oral candidiasis treatment by Plants
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asked: HOW I can treat my thrush without ANY KIND of health insurance I think I had thrush on the tongue and palate for about six weeks, as initially developme ? one bronchitus It became viral? a bacterial infection in my sinuses secondary. I typically see in a cl Drs? Nica free community. And sometimes I visit my cl? Nica primary, but now have to pay a fee apiece time, because they have no health insurance funded by the say but b / c I STILL? With’m unemployed. I have asked the say health insurance, two months ago, but it takes forever. Anyway, I can spend my time in the cl? Nica free again in a dr. all? (I never see the same one twice b / c that turn many times) about treatment? Or spend another s? Him to see a otorrinolaring? Logo (qui? N know if I have to move 4 weeks to get an appointment. Either) to get treatment for my oral candidiasis. I have fear that extends down the throat to the lungs if I move m? S time. Call Me? the l? line of my cl? nica afterhours attention? n primary. A nurse told me to swab soap and baking soda in the Thrush. Please help! Yogurt Thanks for the tip. I’m intake Yoplait yogurt live active cultura.El jab? Ny dr baking soda. did nothing to cure my sore lengua.Puedo place myself full of herbs, but I really need an anti-fungal?? Qu? I do about my deficient of funds for the dr. Dating, as the one dr. I saw in the cl? Nica free, no tom? seriously my CONCERNS? n. Return all? and see another dr? Or try to get in to see a specialist in otorrinolaringolog? They Guests may? Taking m? S tiempo.O alg if anyone knows of? N good home cure to fight? of oral candidiasis, please h? gamelo know here?. Gracias.Mejor response:

Answer I am not physician, but I have had yeast infections in the past. I was told to use plain yogurt, and aclar? Thrush along a few day as. Apparently the bacteria in yogurt is active against infection? Yeast n the time you candidiasis.Tal Guests may? Try to consume yogurt each day for about a day as well and see if that helps. As I said, I’m no doctor, but I was surprised? when prob? natural yoghurt and function? actually! However, natural yoghurt PONDR not? endanger your health, and is inexpensive, you really have nothing to lose.

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2 Comments on “? HOW I can treat my thrush without ANY KIND of health insurance?”

  1. queenB says:

    Well you should go to the clinic or the doctors if you’ve tried everything home remedy wise and it still hasnt helped. I dont know if it will help thrush, but there is a mouthwash called Peroxyl and it helps heal alot of oral irritations and sores and things. Try that and see if it does anything. You can find it at the drugstore. You could also ask the pharmacist if theres anything else they would suggest.

  2. lovelylarks says:

    Your condition sounds moderate to severe and therefore needs to be treated with an antifungal medication. You will find a list of these medications listed at http://www.webmd.com under drugs and treatments. Click on drugs and treatments, then click on treatments by condition and type in Oral Candidiasis. Write down these treatments and return to the free clinic and ask the doctor there to prescribe the best antifungal medication for you. You will have to come up with the money to buy it…but worth it to get rid of this condition which is a yeast infection. If your condition is severe you will need medication twice as long as the usual dose. If the free clinic doctor does nothing then start complaining everywhere you can beginning with the head of the free clinic. The lack of medical care in the US is Appalling! Please note….WebMD also lists homeopathic remedies among other useful resources. However you can spend a lot of money on these remedies when one prescription will do the trick and probably cost less. I hope you get well soon. I’ve had Oral Thrush and it is no fun.

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