How long does it take for nipples to not be sore while breast feeding?

December 5th, 2012 by Emily
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by BobMacInnes

Question: How long does it take for nipples to not be sore while breast feeding?
Baby is 5 weeks old and is breast fed exclusively. I also pump so that if needed father could bottle feed the baby. My nipples still feel sore and tender at times. When will I no longer have any soreness related to breast feeding?
My sister stated that with in two weeks she had zero soreness while my other sister stated she always had some level of anguish with breast feeding which is why she stopped nursing at 12 weeks.
He had his first bottle last night, because I was so sore from nursing I needed a tiny break. I got some Medela hydrogel pads and some lanolin cream, hopefully that will help!

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Answer by Pippin
Most women find that soreness (if any) clears up within a week or two.

Continued soreness might recommend a poor latch (it’s not clear if daddy is already giving bottles), or some thrush. Even a slight problem with the latch can cause soreness. A lactation consultant might be ready to help here.

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4 Comments on “How long does it take for nipples to not be sore while breast feeding?”

  1. Rumplefutz13 says:

    It’s probably sore from pumping, I couldn’t breastfeed cause I have awkward nipples, so I pumped and was always sore, I just used nipple cream every time after pumping, and you have to be careful to make sure your nipple in centered in the pump<< I had problems with that lol

  2. Mom of 2 says:

    It could be the latch is not 100% correct, or you could just have overly sensitive nipples.

  3. Sunny says:

    it was about 2 weeks for me and the soreness went away. you can try using nipple shields that you wear over your nipple while feeding him so you don’t feel the pain, and that way you won’t have to give him a bottle.{keyword}

  4. Mom to 2 BOYS says:

    When I pumped a lot I would get tender or mildly sore nothing extreme or enough to make me not nurse. I think consulting a lactation nurse would be helpful, if you cut down on nursing your supply will decrease so try to go easy on the bottles but most importantly don’t give up on breastfeeding! Your doing great so far!

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