How long should I wait after treating a yeast infection over the counter?

June 13th, 2012 by Emily

Question: How long should I move after treating a yeast infection over the counter?
I’m currently treating what I believe to be a yeast infection with a 3-day OTC ‘kit.’ Should symptoms be gone absolutely by the third day? If not, how many days after should I give it before making a doctor’s appointment?

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Answer by Krazy Yuppie
wait for a week

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6 Comments on “How long should I wait after treating a yeast infection over the counter?”

  1. ChiMom says:

    The 3-day kits contain medicine of a stronger potency than the 7 day kits.
    I would give it at least 3 more days, after your last day of treatment.
    If the symptoms do not improve–or go away all together, then call the doctor.
    Women can get yeast infections from many different causes.
    One is a side efefct of taking antibiotics.
    Another is stress.
    Another is nylon underwear and too tight slacks.
    If you have been on antibiotics, call the doctor who prescribed them to you, and explain that you now have a yeast infection. Ask for ‘Diflucan’, which is a ONE pill dose that will take care of the yeast infection.
    Best wishes.

  2. Bonny Mazzillo says:

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  3. Moore's Girl says:

    3 days is not long enough to properly treat a yeast infection. I know that it is not the best thing in the world to think about, but many doctors recommend using the 7 day treatment to ensure that the infection will go away. The 3 day may make you susceptible for a ‘relapse’. Wait a week after completing the treatment and then check with your doctor to make sure everything is fine. Good luck to you.

  4. Ava Lyka says:

    Treatment don’t work all the same. Meaning, that OTC drug may work well to you but not to others and vice versa. In your case, wait antil 3 to 7 days or one week after the third day of treatment to see if the symptoms go away. When you notice that the drug didn’t work that well, it is best to get the doctor’s opinion and prescription.

  5. Rocker Z says:

    It doesn’t take more than a week, mine took 6 days to heal.

  6. Lindsay Owens says:

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