? HOW men treated the infection? N yeast?

March 24th, 2013 by Emily
treatment for the infection? men yeast n by
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asked: HOW men treat the infection? Yeast n S? not men get yeast infections very often, but when they do? HOW it is in men? Women get a cream true but? Qu? men do? ? The men use the same thing? Greatest answer:

Reply kelvin S
just go to m? Physician and get some cream it.

? Qu? you think? Answer below

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2 Comments on “? HOW men treated the infection? N yeast?”

  1. SteveX says:

    if I ever get them I just use the same cream I use for tinea treatment. Before I was circumcised i use to just hold the foreskin tight and urinate a little bit. It made the foreskin balloon out and then a day of so latter all was fine. I made sure I didnt wash it for that day (stayed away from sex as well) and was great. I find now after years of being circumcised that if i get it then it really hurts because the head gets sore and rubs on my underwear.

    I was talked into being circumcised by my girlfriend when I was 18 because she had never seen a uncircumcised penis. I now regret that I had it done. For years I convinced myself that it was better to be cut instead of having a foreskin. I now reaslise the truth. I still enjoy sex but I dont have that nice natural feeling and the shaft skin it really tight, Some girls have said they prefer me being cut but I have heard there are plenty of girls who love the feel of a penis with a foreskin.

    I also miss the way that I didnt need lube when I masturbated but now i do.

    I now feel guilty because I had my 3 boys circumcised when they didnt need to be and now they will grow up without the choice of having a foreskin ro not because I took that away from them.

  2. moose says:

    I have only had them a couple of time (caught it of my wife) but I did the same thing that stevex did. I found the urine worked well. One thing I didnt like was that it meant not washing the glans for a day or so.

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