How much distilled white vinegar do u put in the bath to treat yeast infection?

November 22nd, 2012 by Emily
treat yeast infection
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Question: How much distilled white vinegar do u place in the bath to treat yeast infection?
Please help. I’m gonna take a bath with the white distilled vinegar to help treat my yeast infection. I need to know how much I place in there. How full the bath tub should be. Also has anyone tried this? And did it work? Please and thanks!

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Answer by Nurse For 21 Years
That might help with the itching, but it will NOT cure the yeast infection. To clear it up, you will need an anti-fungal medication, which you can get over the counter at any drugstore. There are several different kinds on the market, but they work about the same.
Don’t move either because yeast infections can get much worse very quickly.

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2 Comments on “How much distilled white vinegar do u put in the bath to treat yeast infection?”

  1. learnmusic says:

    Take lots of acidophilus capsules and wash with water and vinegar with a washcloth rather than a bath of vinegar. Use about 1 cup of vinegar in your laundry and NO fabric softener. Also, it souds gross, but a friend told me about it and it worked quite well (if you catch it soon enough) – put a pad on your panties and coat yourself (within reason) with unflavoured and natural, unsweetened yogurt. If it is bad enough though (the OMG I an’t stand this pain!!) then go get some antifungal medication.

  2. Emanuel says:

    To be honest I don’t think that this would help. Maybe with the itching but lots of people what do is that they start with an exercise regiment to keep their minds away from yeast.

    Or you might want to get rid of it, see my resource box.

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