How prevalent is yeast infection and what is it?

January 2nd, 2013 by Emily

Question: How prevalent is yeast infection and what is it?
I would like to know what yeast infection is, whether it is the same thing as candidas. Also what percentage of women develop it.

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Answer by charl91r
well candidas is the posh study for it it is the same thing its basically just too many organisims in that certain area. almost very women has it at least once in there life so its pretty common

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  1. EROS7776 says:

    A yeast infection is a imbalance in the good bacteria in the vagina. Yeast infections can appear on other parts of the body, like under breasts, in the fold of arms, under arms, or anywhere that skin touches skin and the bacteria gets out of balance. It is the same type infection as candida. I think all women develop yeast at some time in their life. Women can pass this infection to their male partners which are mostly asymptomatic but can transfer it back to her.

    hope this helps..

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