How should I deal with this? Ex best friend most likely has HIV?

January 21st, 2013 by Emily
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Question: How should I deal with this? Ex best friend most likely has HIV?
I had a good male friend I used to go to school with. We never dated, kissed, or had any sexual contact. Our mothers were just best friends and neighbors and we played together. For the past years we have been concentrated on our own lives and lost touch, he got a job that requires him to go in and out of the country constantly.
I recently received an email from him out of the blue. I was happy and shocked, but not once I read the message. Had had an unprotected encounter with a sex worker in Moscow. Now he has had repetitive oral thrush, a high fever that comes an goes as it pleases, a nasty looking rash on his back (sent a picture), and he has thrown up at least five times this past month. I urged him to get a test done, these are the only symptoms I could think of.
He stated the broad emailed him telling him to get tested and all? I feel so bad for him. :( This is 7 months after exposure might I add.

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Answer by Mikey
Wow, doesn’t look good for your friend, sorry. Oral thrush is certainly an HIV related thing. 7 months exposure seems like quite a while for the first symptoms to appear (at least to me it seems long) The rash might be shingles which often accompanies HIV from time to time. ..throwing up and all could be about anything…esp flu…its impossible to tell without a test and workup, but it doesn’t sound encouraging for your friend. Encourage him to get tested right away…if poz, the sooner the treatment, the superior the results will be…ok? best wishes.

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