How should I treat thrush while on antibiotics?

August 15th, 2011 by Emily

Question: How should I treat thrush while on antibiotics?
Two days ago I started taking antibiotics to treat a bad case of tonsillitis which I got following a bout of the flu. Now I have thrush (and am also anticipating to get hit by lightning tomorrow) and am wondering how would be best to treat it. I still have 5 days of antibiotics (penicillin VK) left to take, and so am wondering if I treat it now, will the thrush just be caused to return. Many thanks

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Answer by AbC
If you go back to your physician he/she can prescribe you something to deal with it (i cant remember its name) or you can go to a chemist and they have special cream… just as at the counter and they will help you! :)

trush might return but generally it goes once antibiotic consumption stops.

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One Comment on “How should I treat thrush while on antibiotics?”

  1. GatorMommy says:

    Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Being on antibiotics can cause a small yeast problem to absolutely explode. You can have your doctor give you a script for Diflucan and maybe even some Nystatin suspension to coat the inside of your cheeks.

    Feel better soon!

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