How similar can a severe yeast infection and herpes look/feel?

December 8th, 2013 by Emily
severe yeast infection
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Question: How similar can a severe yeast infection and herpes look/feel?
The symptoms started pretty rapidly.I had some roughish sex (unprotected), rough enough to cause friction and noticed the next day that it was painful, raw, and so itchy which grew intensely as time went on. then the problems got worse. i started to see sores by my taint, outside the vagina, and basically inside. discharge has never been surprising to my body, i usually have it, but ill list it as a symptom either way. it drains white if you look at it, but on a q tip or toilet paper its a yellowy orange discharge and i haavent noticed a smell. the sores have been getting worse, they peel. theyre not blisters. to me they look like when your skin peels on your feet and you can see the new skin where its peeled off. anyway, i went to important care and mentioned that i had a bladder infection, which by the way is also getting worse. and they blamed it all on that without even looking at the sores. the next day was worse so i went to the E.R and they stated it looked like herpes, not a yeast infection. they gave me valtrex (which if it is a yeast infection will make it worse), and as of right now my diagnosis is in the air, i have to move a week or so for the test results. i am probably in denial, but what are the chances that it is just a severe yeast infection rather than herpes? im aware that an e.r. doc stated it looked like herpes, but i dont have blisters with fluid in them, just chafffed lesions.

ii took my valtrex this day then decided to place some antifungal cream on the sores to see what it would do. hope it doesnt make it worse if it IS herpes

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Answer by Christina M
Those symptoms don’t sound in line with that of a yeast infection. You can read more about yeast infections on this website, and ask the Dr. questions:

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  1. Clay says:

    the description you gave sounds like HSV-2(genital herpes) it usually starts with an itching sensaton, followed by bumps that pop or dry up and flake off leaving a red patch of skin under untill the outbreak ends and heals up.

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