How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?

December 17th, 2012 by Emily

Question: How soon during pregnancy do you begin getting yeast infections?
How soon during pregnancy do you begin getting yeast infections?
It been 12 days since i had intercourse so its not quite time to test yet but Im scared that i got pregnant. I have no signs but just a feeling. Is there any sign i can look for to detect pregnancy this early. I know a yeast infection is no sign but its just weird that I have one.

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Answer by One-Hot-Mama<3
well u have to move at least 5 days before you missed period.. some signs are darkening of the nipples, increased urination, sensitive breasts, ect however you dont usually notice any signs at all so early. I felt constipated and had implantation bleeding right away with my son ! A yeast infection can occur at anytime and doesnt ness. have anything to do with pregnancy, so i wouldnt connect the 2 unless you are actively TTC and have an increase in BBT temp or

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2 Comments on “How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?”

  1. $h!tBird says:

    It is possible but I don’t think that is a medical symptom of pregnancy.. that was the first thing I had with my first child.. about 2 weeks before i even knew I was pregnant. and then again in my second month.
    You usually feel breast tenderness in the very beginning and sometimes a slight cramping when getting up and down.. but that is more common with a second or third baby. Many women have slight lower back pain that starts around the 4th week. just in time for testing.
    Sickness and or headaches usually do not start until week 6 or 7.

    the best advice is to only use a 7 day yeast infection treatment.. the 1 and 3 day treatments are tooo strong if you are pregnant. And be patient in testing. Waiting until you actually miss a period is the only way a preg test is more than 80% accurate.

  2. Gracie says:

    Well yeast infections aren’t indicative of pregnancy. It’s true they’re more common during pregnancy, but it’s possible to be pregnant and never have one.
    the reason they’re more common is b/c of hormonal imbalances in your body. they’re most common in the 2nd trimester. it’s probably too soon for pregnancy to be causing a yeast infection if you are indeed pregnant.

    even if it is b/c of being pregnant, you can’t determine whether or not your pregnant based on a yeast infection. get a pregnancy test. if it’s been twelve days, then one of those that give you an answer after 5 days should certainly give you an answer to that. if it’s positive, go to your doctor and get a blood test to be certain.

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