How to cure a yeast infection?

May 16th, 2014 by Emily
cures for yeast infections
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Question: How to cure a yeast infection?
I had a yeast infection and then my mum got me this cream for thrush which is a type of yeast infection. I used the cream twice a day for a week and it went away completely. But now three weeks later it is back again. How can I cure it fully and prevent it coming back again as easily?

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Answer by Brooke
You can’t stop it from coming back ever again… I don’t want to state it’s normal to have one.. but it’s okay to have one, because each woman at some point will or has had one. It’s just from your privacy area being irritated causing it to itch. Just try wearing looser panties or jeans, and just use the cream when ever it’s there.

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3 Comments on “How to cure a yeast infection?”

  1. C J says:

    Things that stop it coming back:
    - Keep everything down there very dry (ie shower after exercising, etc)
    - Don’t wear polyester underwear, wear cotton (polyester doesn’t breathe, encourages damp, fungus / yeast likes damp)
    - Don’t take all the hair off down there (hair helps balance things out, makes fungal infections less likely)
    - Don’t use alkaline body wash / soap – something designed for eczema is best (fungus likes alkaline, skin is naturally slightly acid)
    - Don’t eat sugar or things with sugar in them
    - Wash your clothes in something anti-fungal, like a few drops of tea tree oil in the rinse

    You can’t cure it fully, everyone gets it from time to time.

  2. lola says:

    Go see a doctor. While it might appear to you that you have a yeast infection, it could also be something like bacterial vaginosis, which requires different treatment to clear up. If you find that you’re getting recurring yeast infections, you’re going to have to look at environmental causes – as in, is the yeast getting transferred to an article of clothing (like jeans, your undies), that is then worn again before being laundered? Is there a source of yeast (such as from food) in your home, that perhaps you’re just really sensitive to? This is all stuff you need to discuss with a doctor, to get a treatment program in place.

  3. Frank says:

    Thrush, jock itch, yeast infections, and athlete’s foot are all the same thing. They are a yeast infection. The only difference is what part of the body is infected.

    You can use any of the creams for treating any of these infections, and it will cure you again.

    But two infections less than a month apart suggests that you should see your doctor to see if there is a problem that is causing this, or if it is just bad luck.

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