How to cure a yeast infection naturally for good?

March 20th, 2011 by Emily

Question: How to cure a yeast infection naturally for good?
I’ve been taking a acidophiles (misspelled) It contains a billion active cultures…It’s cleared up, I just want to know how to keep it that way…for those of you who have had them, I UNDERSTAND it’s f* hell!!!
Excuse me but it’s completely true.

O… and have you realized that the dumbest questions get the most answers? I really don’t comprehend it…but o well.

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Answer by muffinjoys
Hair dryer and bathtub

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10 Comments on “How to cure a yeast infection naturally for good?”

  1. corvettenutc5 says:

    stay clean and wash yourself everyday…thats what i do

  2. Sublime_Savvy #1 Due Feb 2010 says:

    Yeast infections thrive in high acid and sugary environments. Change your diet to include foods that are more base in their pH. Search online for the pH diets.

  3. african.violet says:

    Due to any girls’ body’s chemistry, I don’t think u can always prevent them. But, I think it is also the foods you eat can help prevent the infection.

  4. cara <3 says:

    threelac from global health trax. amazing product. i suffered from the worst yeast infections until that product, now i feel great

  5. Nimi says:

    Take a probiotic supplement regularly and avoid a lot of sugar (yeast thrives on sugar). Eat as much probiotic yogurt as you can. At the 1st sign of an infection apply pure coconut oil topically (you can get this from the health food store).

    My little girl has had a problem with reoccuring yeast and these things are what finally got rid of it for good. The probiotic long term & the yogurt worked better then just treating the symptoms with Rx meds from the Dr.

    Good luck

  6. Jahanpanah says:

    Hi Christina,

    You need a three pronged treatment

    One for your candida, another for your itch if its there and the third to make your immune system stronger so that recurring attacks can be stopped.

    Safest way to do so is by taking herbal supplements like Pau d’arco bark, lemon grass, Schizandra, Buchu, Astralagus membranaceus etc.

    Garlic, in general is an excellent remedy for quite a few things, but it alone just cannot do the job for you.

    Know more about the products & yeast infections if you want on the link below

    Hope they help you out in your misery, Good luck

  7. who m says:

    If you understand what causes it to occur in the first place, it then makes it easy to cure it.

    Yeast infection is basically caused by an imbalance in the ph of your body. Most times this imbalance is caused by the kinds of food we intake. Once you limit or control the kinds of food with acidity, you could notice a sharp improvement in your infections.

    I came across people who have documented how they beat this pesky irritating problem following all natural methods from the comfort of their homes!!

  8. Michelle says:

    This product is natural if you wanna try it
    Yeast infections suck:/ My advice is wash regularly (twice a day is good enough) and dry very well.

  9. Erin Celeste says:

    I agree with sublime. It’s your pH. There are several places online that talk about your pH and how to prevent yeast from coming back. It’s just a matter of getting the yeast out of your system. Hydrogen peroxide diluted is great, too.

  10. Marry says:

    One of the herbal, natural methods for the treatment of yeast infections is tree tea oil. For yeast infections, concentrations as strong as 40% may be used—with extreme caution and qualified advice—as vaginal douches. However, the most common treatment method is to soak a tampon with a lubricant, such as KY jelly or Olive Oil, and add a few drops of pure Tea Tree Oil and insert. Some people have allergic reactions, including rashes and itching, when applying tea tree oil. For this reason, only a small amount should be applied when first using it.

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