How to cure atopic dermatitis and yeast infections in dogs?

June 5th, 2013 by Emily
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by mrs.McD

Question: How to cure atopic dermatitis and yeast infections in dogs?
I have a small shichi (Shih-Tzu and chihuahua mix). I have taken her to countless vets and found out she has atopic dermatitis and a severe case of yeast infection inside and on her body. She is on antibiotics and Benadryl for dogs but doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I’ve tried using yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and colloidal silver remedies but nothing seems to work. I really would love some ideas of what else I could do for her. Preferably natural remedies. I hate seeing my baby itch like crazy. :(
I have tried to change her food up by giving her just hamburger for a while but nothing changed. But I would def be willing to try again to see if it would help. No, I haven’t tried the coal tar shampoo. She has some open sores on her body from itching so much. Would that injured her and would it help take the yeast away? I have some medicated shampoo from the vet to take the yeast away but it can be so harsh that her paws bleed when I give her a bath which I really dislike. Her vet states she’s a poster child for skin problems. :(

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Answer by Lara
Could it be her food? I know similar things can happen in humans when they are allergic or intolerant to foods. I’ve seen many cases of recurring dermatitis in dogs on poor calibre food like Purina. And being itchy is a red flag for grain and/or chicken allergies.

My suggestion? Switch the food to a high calibre one and see what happen. You will have a natural solution and have a overall healthier dog. Food suggestions: Orijen, Acana, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Wellness Core, or Taste of the Wild. Adding a containerful of plain (not vanilla) yogurt to each meal might help as well.

*With further research, I’ve found out it likely IS the food causing both condition including the yeast infection. I’d try changing the food before anything else.*

The reason foods like Science Diet, IAMS, Pedigree, Medi-Cal, Alpo, Ol’Roy, Purina, Benful, and etc cause issues if because they are mostly fillers like corn, soy, wheat and etc. not things that dogs should be eating. Eventually these food usually cause some sort of issue – heart failure, possibly cancer, or even minor things like itchy skin.

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4 Comments on “How to cure atopic dermatitis and yeast infections in dogs?”

  1. munchkino2002 says:

    Have you tried coal tar shampoo?
    it does have a medicine smell but does help with severe skin issues.. You should be able to find some at your local pet supply store.

  2. Finnigan says:

    my last dog had severe environmental and food allergies resulting in excessive scratching, traumatizing the skin, and yeast infections … NOTHING the vet told me helped, not even the doggie allergy specialist i spent tons on to see, none helped my dog … i finally switched her to a grain-free limited ingredient diet (natural balance, the salmon one) and started adding raw organic apple cider vinegar to her kibble every morning … she stopped itching and messing with her skin and she never had another yeast infection (skin or ear) for the rest of her life …

  3. A Great Dane Lady says:

    Antibiotics won’t help. It could be that you didn’t try the Colloidal Silver long enough.
    On the Yahoo group, rawk9s, they have dealt with this before. Definitely go to a raw diet. I wouldn’t use shampoo. It would burn the open sores, Colloidal Silver should be sprayed on the coat and left to dry. There is another Yahoo group that I would suggest. It is called SilverPets.

  4. Thumper says:

    For many skin issues I recommend a powder called ‘Flowers of Sulfur’ (also known as ‘brimstone’ or ’sublime sulfur’).

    This substance has been used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of skin ailments including fungal and bacterial infections and if there is itching, it will stop it very quickly. Google it to learn more about its healing properties.

    Even vets have forgotten about this wonderful and inexpensive remedy but fortunately you can still purchase it at your local pharmacy for very little money. You can also buy it online at

    Flowers of sulfur is safe to apply to your pet’s skin but take care not to inhale sulfur powder.

    You can dust this powder on your dog’s skin OR mix it with an oil to rub on the skin.

    The dusting can easily be accomplished if you use a powdered sugar duster or an empty talcum powder bottle. Separate the hair as you go around dusting to expose the skin until you have covered it.

    Alternatively, mix 2 tablespoons of flower of sulfur with 1 cup of Jojoba oil and put it in a bottle. Always shake to mix well before applying to the skin as it tends to separate. This method works well for smaller skin areas. You do not need to wear gloves as it is not toxic to humans either.

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