how to deal with thrush while breastfeeding?

October 26th, 2011 by Emily

Question: how to deal with thrush while breastfeeding?
first off how do i know for sure that my baby or i have thrush, and then how do i treat it, once i find out if i do infact have it? don’t i need to treat myself as well as my child if i’m breastfeeding so it doesn’t pass back and forth?

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Answer by Pippin
Thrush would result in sore nipples or a burning sensation in your breast and/or white patches (which might or might be sore) in baby’s mouth.

If you suspect thrush, see your doctor. She can presribe medication and yes, both you and your baby need to be treated even if only one of you has symptoms.

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2 Comments on “how to deal with thrush while breastfeeding?”

  1. Dr. Jones says:

    It’s basically a yeast infection of the mouth. You’ll know if your baby has it, because he may have lost his appetite as well as have a whitish secretion in his mouth. Most likely, antibiotics can be prescribed that will also be secreted through your milk and will help your baby.

    It is possible you have a mastisis, which is a slight infection that generally happens while breast feeding. It will feel sore to the touch, possibly itch and burn. Best treatment for this is to keep on breast feeding and mainly from the breast that is sore. The ducts are clogged, so when your baby feeds, he helps to unclog them. This cannot infect the baby, so don’t worry.

  2. Brandi H says:

    If your baby has thrush then your doctor will prescribe nystatin. An over the counter treatment is gentian violet but it stains clothing. The nystatin you can also use to put on your nipples if it has passed to you. You may also need an ointment for his/her diaper area because the yeast infection starts to spread. If you have thrush your nipples would be sore and possibly red. Your baby will have white patches inside the mouth that can not be scraped off. And yes you both need to be treated or it will pass back and forth.

    this website has a good picture of a child with oral thrush.

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