how to get rid of a reoccuring yeast infection?

October 13th, 2012 by Emily

Question: how to get rid of a reoccuring yeast infection?
i have been to the physician multiple times and i don’t like the medications they give me or it just doesnt work .can anyone advocate anything more natural to rid it because it is controlling my life in some respects i.e it is very embarassing. thanks!

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Answer by Helen Scott
eat lots of yogurt!!

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8 Comments on “how to get rid of a reoccuring yeast infection?”

  1. brightshinylights says:

    it’s possible that the kind of underwear you wear can cause those infections.

    try to avoid synthetic materials as these just trap moisture and promote yeast growth.

    here’s a webiste with natural alternatives

  2. Robyn says:

    Take Acidophylus pills or eat lots of plain yogurt.

  3. ABC says:

    yogurt. lifestyle changes, wear cotton underwear (more breathable), do not wear a wet swimsuit for extended periods of time, make your partner wear a condom (he may be reinfecting you), all of these things could contribute.

  4. RobinGD says:

    You need to find out what is causing it. Are you on birth control pills? I had a lot of yeast infections when I was on the pill, and have had none in the 20 years since I stopped taking them. Do you douche? That’s a big no-no, and often causes infections. Have you been taking antibiotics? They often kill the beneficial bacteria as well as the illness you take them for, which causes and overgrowth of yeast. In this case, you can prevent it by eating 2-3 cartons of yogurt a day while you’re on the antibiotics. Wear cotton panties instead of nylon, they allow the area to breathe. It never hurts to eat yogurt on a regular basis, as the others have said. Ask your doctor what she thinks the cause might be. If you know the cause, you’re on your way to keeping it from returning.

  5. Corlia C says:

    They say that you should drink Cranberry juice if you have an infection, aseptically if the infection spreads to the bladder…

    Also, if your sexually active, try washing yourself of every time you have sex.
    Go to the bathroom before and after sex, it helps allot too…

    Good luck

  6. MinPin QtPi says:

    If you have a sexual partner (boyfriend) ~ or more than one ~ you need to get him treated, as well. It doesn’t work if you get treated for a yeast infection and continue to have unprotected sex with someone while undergoing treatment.

    Yeast infections can be carried around by men ~ and transmitted to women ~ just like an STD. They don’t know they’re carrying it around ~ they don’t have any signs or symptoms of it ~ because they don’t have the infection itself. They’re just transmitting it to every female they have sexual contact with.

    You can redo the treatment from the doctor’s office ~ and either ABSTAIN from sex or have him wear a CONDOM during the entire course of treatment and UNTIL ALL SYMPTOMS ARE GONE — that’s Plan A.

    You can redo the treatment from the doctor’s office ~ and make him go with you and get treated as well — that’s Plan B.

    You can do nothing, and continue to transfer the infection back and forth between the two of you ~ or however many there are having sex with you all ~ and live with it for the rest of your life — that’s Plan C.

    Pick your poison.

    Cotton underwear helps, because it breathes and allows for better air circulation; stay away from thongs and g-strings — butts do not require floss (it’s just unhealthy for the area)!

    Eating yogurt, or drinking Acidophilus Milk, helps to keep the balance of bacteria (good vs. bad) in check down there. They’re also good for your digestive system.


  7. loves_swinging says:

    i am in the same boat as u!!
    i hav had it 3 times is 3 months an it sucks!!!

    i hav been to the doctors 4 times for it. i hav used the tablet and cream, the 6 day cream and the tablet by itself again.
    none of them seemed to work.

    since taking just the tablet my infection has cleared up an i have been advised by my doctor to take the tablet once a month for the next two months regardless if i hav it or not

    - wear cotton underwear
    - wear no underwear at night
    - try not to eat foods with lots of yeast in them
    - i wouldnt drink beer either (if u do)
    - yea, something bout yoghurt
    - dont use soap if u shave, substitue for dove which isnt a soap

    umm thats all i can think of right now
    i really hope this help!!!
    i no how embarrasing an uncomfortable this can be


  8. gypsyveg says:

    Things that can help:
    No Antibiotics
    Cotton underwear
    Lots of unsweetened yogurt or probiotics
    No alcohol
    No sugar, sugar feeds yeast
    No bread (less carbs)

    Read the book: Yeast Connection and follow the bland diet for about 6 months and you might kck it.

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