How to get rid of yeast infection while trying to get pregnant?

August 17th, 2012 by Emily
what is a yeast infection
by emkeller

Question: How to get rid of yeast infection while trying to get pregnant?
I have had yeast infection before while pregnant. It’s different now and I am not sure if it is yeast infection. When I have sex there is some white stuff, kinda sticky that comes out and ends up on his penis. What can anyone tell me about it, and if it is yeast infection how can I treat it without having to stop trying for a baby. Please help!!!

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Answer by cee
I think the best way for you to get rid of it would be to go to the OBGYN and get the diflucan (1 pill cures it) Home remedies that I heard might help is putting Greek non flavored yogurt in the tampon dispenser and inserting it into your vagina. I would always take probiotics like acidophiles and get plenty of yogurt.

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4 Comments on “How to get rid of yeast infection while trying to get pregnant?”

  1. Master says:

    A girl or woman has the white jelly like fluid or liquid discharge from the later childhood ie from the age of 8 or 9. The fluid keeps the vagina always wet just as our mouth wet with saliva. Some how infection may affect the vagina and uterus and then the discharge might become yellowish or reddish and the whole area shall be itchy and painful
    . Avoid unclean sex dealings and in case of sex activities clean it immediately using clean water. Don’t get contact with unknown guys or men for sex dealings.
    Fingering masturbating with unclean objects( pen roller objects etc) may cause injury in the vagina and resultant infection and pain and sores. Always keep vagina and its surroundings clean and dry. Change you under garments everyday.
    In between the top end skin and the swollen end of penis there is cream like sediments developed every day and it get foul smell when it is kept uncleaned for some time.If it is not removed everyday itchy feeling may develop there and the deposit get rotten and it may cause bacterial infection to the sex partner ie. the female in her vagina.

  2. ? says:

    The sticky discharge could be a symptom of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or something else.

    Before you take any actions, go to a doctor and find out what’s causing it. Various ailments can have very similar symptoms, but the treatments are different. Making a wrong assumption and using the wrong treatment will not help at all, and it could make things potentially worse.

    If it does turn out to be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, you’ll most likely be prescribed a topical cream (cream you apply to the affected area). You can also choose the natural alternative route. Check out the site below for the natural alternatives.

    But first, go to the doctor and get it checked out.

  3. liminal_lady says:

    If you’re not sure it’s a yeast infection you really should see a doctor. There are some good home remedies for yeast infections (inserting garlic cloves or unflavored yogurt works really well) but they won’t help if it’s something else.

    Also, do you see this discharge only when you’re having sex, or is it always there? It’s normal for there to be more wetness when you’re having sex or aroused, especially if you’ve recently gone off the Pill. Some women even “squirt” during sex and release a lot of fluid. If you only see this discharge when you’re having sex, and it is clear and not clumpy you shouldn’t worry. If it is there all the time, smells strongly, is clumpy or opaque, then you should see a doctor.

  4. webdesign_me says:

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    First it is important that you realize that the majority of yeast infection treatments out there only focus on providing temporary relief. These treatments will temporarily get rid of pain, itching and irritation but they fail to address the root cause of the infection – Candida Albicans. This is the reason why these infections are a recurring nightmare for so many women out there. Read more at

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