How to safely treat yeast infections during pregnancy?

January 18th, 2012 by Emily

Question: How to safely treat yeast infections during pregnancy?
I’m 13 weeks pregnant and went to my midwife today. She just looked and stated she thinks i have a yeast infection. She didn’t send anything to the lab or anything…She wrote me a prescription for Monistat but since I have Medi-cal , the pharmacy gave me a generic 7-day treatment. On the instructions, it states only use during pregnancy when CLEARLY necessary.

My question is, is it innocuous to use? How far do I apply the cream?

Also, can it cause miscarriage ? I”m very worried.

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Answer by Due August 26th w/ #2
If you have a yeast infection it’s necessary. The generic is the same as the study brand just with a different name. It’s innocuous to take and your midwife WOULD NOT have given you the medicine if not ok to take. Many women get yeast infections in pregnancy and it’s MUCH safer and superior for both you and the baby to get it cleared up.

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6 Comments on “How to safely treat yeast infections during pregnancy?”

  1. GuessWho says:

    I did the Monastat Oval one from walmart.. its a lil oval shaped insert you obviously lol put inside and the sleep over night.. dont ahve sex and that should do it, You have a mucus plug, it wont eneter your cervix its perfectly safe and if youd feel better about it just give your doctor office and ring and tell them that what you woudl like to use and you were making sure it was safe.. but its is :) I used it!

  2. Melissa is Zacks awesome mom says:

    i was told ot only use monistat 7. you dont need a prescription. you can buy it over the counter at any local drug store (longs, walgreens, rite aid ect.)
    it will not cause a miscarriage.

    just follow the directions.

  3. ɷ ɹəɥʇɐəɥ ɷ due 08/24/09 I says:

    its funny how you mention about a yeast infection. i am 20 weeks pregnant, and my obygn told me i had an yeast infection. it is perfectly safe to use monistat. in fact that is what i have used, and it doesn’t harm the baby. you would be perfectly fine. remember that the baby is safely secured in your cervix with a plug and in the sac.. the monistat won’t bother the baby. i asked the same question and that is what my doc told me!! just follow the instructions with your prescription. it is safe to use it internally and externally.

  4. ╔Kimmeh╗ ♪♫ says:

    Yup, it should be safe. There are certain catagories of medication (I just got diagnosed with a freaking bladder infection and I was worried as well, I’m 35 weeks) that are okay, only to be used if you NEED them, and then others than are absolutely harmful during pregnancy. My bladder infection medicine was catagorized as B, which is the second ‘level’ to being harmful. Meaning, its not really harmful, and you shouldn’t take it unless you NEED to. Being pregnant, its especially nessasary to get rid of things such as bladder infections, yeast infections, etc because it causes unneeded stress on the baby and can cause premature labor.

    Let me see if I can find a website explaining more about pregnancy medicine catagories…

    Here we go. That explains it a lot better. You can probably do more research yourself on the exact medicine you’re using and why its catagorized as it is.

  5. WhachooSay says:

    Instead of monistat, you can use plain yogurt from the store, inserted up in there, or in a maxi-pad in your underwear. Can’t get any safer than that. Let it sit at room temperature for a couple hours first though–it’s COLD! Also eat plenty of plain yogurt for many days in a row to get your organisms pumped up again, and prevent more yeast infections.

  6. EllieForever says:

    It is safe to treat yeast infections using over the counter creams. Try Canesten, or Monistat. If you don’t want to try that you could always try eating probiotic yogurt (Activia) it will do the trick.

    Ask your pharmacist, they know as much as doctors do, and you don’t have to wait to see them ;)

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