how to treat a men’s yeast infection?

January 26th, 2012 by Emily

Question: how to treat a men’s yeast infection?
so i’m 17 and so is my boyfriend. the other day we had sex and then the next day i realized i had a yeast infection, which i’m on over-the-counter medication for now. but now he states that after he pees and ejaculates his urethra stings really bad. so i have 2 questions: does this sounds like a mens yeast infection? and if so, how can he treat it because his family doesn’t have health insurance. could i get medication through my physician for him? thanks so much!!
i’m 100% postive it’s not an STD because we’ve only had sex with eachother. Theres just no way. and he’s a trustowrthy guy.

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Answer by Uncannyxman
Sounds like an infection to me. Your physician would be unethical if he gave medications for patients he does not examine. Can your bf go to a free clinic? However I would not think an exam and medication would be really costly in this situation.

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2 Comments on “how to treat a men’s yeast infection?”

  1. says:

    Urethral pain does not really sound to me like a yeast infection more like a STD. Irrrespective of health insurance this should be checked for your peace of mind. Is there some free clinic you could both attend to have yourselves checked out.?

  2. The Guru says:

    As a man who has had a yeast infection, I can say confidently there was no urethral pain when peeing/ejaculating involved with it. If it WERE a yeast infection, you can just get vagisil or an off-brand equivalent over the counter at any drug store/grocery store/retailer and it should work fine.

    If the pain continues, he needs to see a doctor.

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