How To Treat Male Yeast Infection

May 27th, 2011 by Emily

How To Treat Male Yeast Infection

How To Treat Male Yeast Infection

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How To Treat Male Yeast Infection

By: rogercorline
Posted: Oct 19, 2010

A yeast infection is not limited to one gender or the other, it can occur just as easily in a man or a woman. Even Though vaginal yeast infections are more common, penile yeast infection is also a possibility. What exactly is a yeast infection?

Most of the time men get infections from one of two things. One being having sex with a woman that has an infection and two being having sex with a condom that has spermicide on it. These are the most common ways for a man to contract an infection, but it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease because a man can also get a yeast infection from medications, illness, lifestyle, a diet that is high in sugar, or over consumption of alcohol, specifically beer.

Although sexual transmission of a yeast infection is uncommon, it is doable for a man to contract one if he has unprotected intercourse with a partner who has a genital yeast infection. In this case, it’s vital that both celebrations be treated immediately and stop sexual contact until the infection is gone.

Men who have soreness, itching, redness and lesions on the penis head most likely have all of the symptoms of a penile yeast outbreak. A red, bumpy raised rash can also be present which can spread below the penile shaft – and around the scrotum sac.

Some men even have a cheesy discharge that emits from the penis. It is best for a man, however not to self-diagnose a male yeast condition – rather to see a physician – most have much experience in treating male yeast infections and can perform a proper diagnosis rather quickly.

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Use of Yogurt: This is one of the well known natural remedies for yeast infections and it can be used by taking it orally. There is some valuable components in yogurts that helps replace the bad bacteria that is causing the outbreak of infection. Only plain natural yogurt should be used.

Of course the first thing to think about when suffering from itching would be to seek expert advice. But in the case you feel adventurous there are some solution you can try. These solutions are 100% natural and not dangerous. One would be to apply unsweetened yogurt to the infected area. This should have an immediate effect and you if you continue with this treatment you should begin to see a lessening of penile yeast infections symptoms.

Besides this you need to address the internal problem going on as well, since no external yeast infection is ever created without there being an internal issue occurring. Using natural anti-fungals such as Garlic, Olive Leaf and Oregano work swiftly to rectify the problem. As well you will want to use probiotics in a pill form to maximize the amount of beneficial bacteria in your system to ensure total success in dealing with your male yeast infection.

Yeast balanitis is another form of male yeast infection. The symptoms include itching at the penis area with sores and great discomfort. Some men will be even more sore and tender after sexual intercourse. They might notice some white stuff at the tip of the penis and also flakiness. If left untreated, this condition has he potential to cause impotence. However, the cure is accessible and you can easily treat the yeast infection.

Of course you are looking here at this article, so maybe seeing the physician doesn’t sound very appealing to you. Fortunately for you there are natural methods for cure a Yeast Infection In Men at home. Using things like cider vinegar and yogurt, you can effectively treat and cure your infection. These natural methods are fast and very economical to use. So you will be saving money while curing your yeast candida infection.

Itching is another irritating symptoms if this happen it is ad visable to seek for medical advise but in case you are not satisfied, there are solutions that are natural and not harmful, this has to do with applying unsweetened youghurt to the infected region. Continuation with this treatment will give you relief.

Drinking an excess of beer might also result in a yeast infection. Obviously, beer contains a lot of yeast. That is just something everyone knows right off the bat. Too much of this, and you are sure to be experiencing the symptoms of an infection, no doubt.

rogercorline – About the Author:

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Question: Treating a Male Yeast Infection?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on what kind of medicine I could get to treat a re-occurring yeast infection. The symptoms: my foreskin develops cracks, and tears and is often dry. Sometimes I get small red bumps on the head of my penis as well. I know that this is not an STD, I have been checked. I have been dealing with this on and off for too long. I really need help! It’s hard to hide from my girlfriend.

Best answer:

I didn’t need to know this

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One Comment on “How To Treat Male Yeast Infection”

  1. e w says:

    If you have a recurring yeast infection, you should definitely talk to your GF about this, as you are probably getting it from her; women are always gettng infections down there.

    Sometimes, putting yogurt on your penis, plain yogurt can solve this, I know it sounds silly, but yogurt contains acodiphilus bacteria, a friendly bacteria which can sometimes resolve this.

    However, it’s imperative that you talk with your GF about this, as you both may be trading the infection back-and-forth, or else she may not even realize that she has one.

    Should this persist, a trip to the doctor will be necessary.

    You’re lucky that you have your foreskin, by the way, as too many parents in the past have mutilated their sons by circumcision.

    Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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