How to treat oral thrush is treatable?

March 1st, 2013 by Emily
oral thrush treatment
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Question: How to treat oral thrush is treatable?
I seem to have oral thrush. It’s not on the sides of my mouth as far as I can tell but my tongue seems to gets coated in white pretty badly. I am pretty worried about it. Is it hard to treat it? And is it ever uncurable?

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Answer by A_Brit
Its pretty simple to treat but does tend to come back because the underlying conditions that make an individual suseptible tend to remain—adults/Pages/Treatment.aspx

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  1. oldtimekid2 says:

    It’s actually not very hard to treat, but there are different levels of effectiveness for different treatments. Now, you could go to your doctor and get an anti-fungal to kill the yeast, but most cases that are treated like that reoccur because it’s not treating the cause of it (often being an imbalance of bacteria in your system that allows an overgrowth of yeast).
    Another option would be to take Probiotics (either instead of or in addition to the anti-fungal) to help replenish the beneficial bacteria in your system and add to the good bacteria. There are some that are specifically Oral Probiotics and some that are general Probiotics… both will work, but at different rates (some like to address the area of yeast growth, some like to treat the source). Probiotics can take longer than anti-fungals, but work more long term as there is seldom a recurrence of the yeast.

    Yogurt and Kefir have Probiotics in them, but no where near enough to make a fast impact on yeast that a good Probiotic supplement (one with 30+ billion viable organisms from several strains) can.
    In addition to Probiotics, Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract also help to fight the yeast growth directly, so those three together are a very good combination to fight Thrush.
    Most of the cases I’ve heard of that used regimens like this showed some impact within just a few days (where they noticed some benefits) and were often almost completely gone within a month or so, but some more extreme cases took longer. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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