How to use Vaginitis Powder to treat Vaginal yeast infection?

May 10th, 2013 by Emily
vaginal yeast infection treatments
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Question: How to use Vaginitis Powder to treat Vaginal yeast infection?
I heard Vaginitis Powder can cure Vaginal yeast infection. But I dont know its detailed usage.
Is anybody who has ever used this medicine?

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Answer by pussavecboots
I reported for abuse the mortal who insulted you (if it’s still posted). That was ridiculous.
I don’t know what the powder is you’re referring to–if you THINK you have a yeast infection but aren’t sure, please see a physician to find out, as other infections can have similar symptoms. It is usually a cream or a pill that is prescribed to treat it. Also, OTC creams can work, and there are detailed instructions with the packaging. I don’t know about the powder as being something that would actually treat this.

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5 Comments on “How to use Vaginitis Powder to treat Vaginal yeast infection?”

  1. Sarah says:

    i also reported! how rude
    but anyway im not sure about the powder but i just had one last week and i bought yeastgard douche from my local pharmacy it has a little packet of bacterial cultures u mix in it i feel so much better after its almost all cleared up and it just soothed the itching and burning theres also a daily vitamin and vaginal suppositories i highly recommend them

  2. KRD says:

    I have asked a question in one site about it’s use whether orally or locally.

  3. Taylor says:

    It is very simple.
    Mix Vaginitis Powder with the Vaseline into ointment, (1:1) bottle reserves. (Vaseline and the cotton swab are given free to you.)
    When used, first use warm water wash the ill region, then apply the ointment. Use Vaginitis Powder one time every evening. 10 times is one course of treatment.
    That means about two bottles of Vaginitis Powder are enough to cure your Vaginal yeast infection.
    Wish you good luck.
    Don’t care what people say Just follow your own way.

  4. lil_Qti says:

    This is easier and cheaper. Buy PLAIN yogurt and put it up your vagina – the good bacteria will kill off the bad bacteria and not disrupt the PH balance. I have tried this, it works – do it 2x a day until it feels cured. Make sure to wear a panty liner because it does leak out of you.

  5. White says:

    I once bought two bottles of Vaginitis Powder from their official website,
    There is its detailed instruction, you can go there to check.
    Wish you recover soon.
    Good luck.

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