How would you treat medicine resistant yeast infection?

February 8th, 2013 by Emily
medicine yeast infection
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Question: How would you treat medicine resistant yeast infection?
My friend has a 3 year old (just turned 3) who is potty trained during the day but still wears a diaper at night. She has a yeast infection diaper rash that is resistant to prescription meds. Her mother also feeds her yogurt as well as acidophiles. Nothing works. I recommended removing foods with yeast from her diet for a while and changing brands of diapers.

Any recommendations to help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Bea Real
Those are good ideas you are doing with the yogurt( must have the live cultures) and it couldn’t injured to refrain from yeast products. Also, really important is to tell the mother to refrain from giving bubble baths and such since the ingredients in these products can cause a nasty rash and or infection. Try an Aveeno meal bath… meal is very soothing to the skin.Also give her cranberry juice to drink.We did this for my nieces.
Babies in particular are prone to skin yeast infections in the diaper area, either in the perineum, on the buttocks or anywhere the diaper sits on the skin.
The closeness of wetness to the skin combined with the acidic nature of urine starts breaking down the outer layers of skin and creating good skin yeast infection conditions.

Babies and young kids who are suffering from a easy diaper rash should be changed more frequently and have a diaper ointment of some kind to serve as a barrier between urine and the skin. Zinc oxide is the most frequently used because it also helps the skin to dry out, but anything that can protect the skin can help stop a skin yeast infection from developing.During an active skin yeast infection, you might find it helpful to wipe the area with witch hazel, aloe vera juice or some other astringent. Astringents help dry the skin out and shrink inflamed skin cells, so it both really can help with the symptoms and wage a cure for the overall problem.
Just re,member, yeast thrives on moist areas so keeping very dry is the best advice. Greatest to your friends.

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  1. rr c says:

    It is very difficult to treat medicine resistant yeast infection in babies. She can try blue methyl or gentian violet. Be careful as both are very messy and do create stains.

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