I already did a treatment for yeast infection what else could it be?

July 13th, 2013 by Emily
treatment of yeast infection
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Question: I already did a treatment for yeast infection what else could it be?
a couple of days ago i got severe inching and burning in my vigina so i did a treatment for yeast infection and it still inching .I hope its not like a STD because i have been married for 11 years and I have not been with nobody but him.Could it be something else?

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Answer by bombom77
It might be yeast that is not affected by the treatment you got. Go back to the physician and he or she might give you something else or a higher dose for a longer peroid of time.

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3 Comments on “I already did a treatment for yeast infection what else could it be?”

  1. jeff s says:

    You should probably visit your local health dept. its sounds like your first guess was a good one. if it does not clear up.talk to your husband if your willing. he may understand. and may in position to help

  2. SOStomymother says:

    It depends on the treatment type for a yeast infection you did and how long is has been. The one-time dose pill works usually within 24 hours, sometimes 48. The over-the-counter medicine varies according to the type you purchased. If you have had a yeast infection before, the discomforting symptoms are very distinct and you should know if that is in fact what you have or not. It could be something else, as some STDs also have symptoms of vaginal itching and burning. If you have not had contact with any other partner, and you do not feel you have a yeast infection, you should ask your husband if he had cheated on you because you could have gotten a disease that way.

  3. Lynn G says:

    Here’s the thing. Any yeast infection medication says on the box, treatment for yeast infection for x amount of days, results in 7-10… If it’s a one day treatment, it can take up to 5 days for it to fully work. Even prescription medications need a few days. My doctor gave me a great pill, diflucan, it is 1 pill, and it takes 3-4 days to work… In the meantime, you just have to use vagisil, monistat, or another brand, creams or wipes (i prefer the wipes, because you can get a variety of different kinds, and they also remove the discharge, which can make you significantly more comfortable). However, they also say you should only do an over-the-counter treatment if you have had a yeast infection before, and so you know your typical signs and symptoms.

    You just have to be patient with the medications. Depending on what type you are using, it can take even up to 14 days to clear up. If you are really concerned, and have had a yeast infection before, just call your doctor and tell them you’re going crazy with it (if you are) and odds are they will prescribe over the phone.

    However, it doesn’t sound like you’re still going crazy, it sounds like it HAS gotten better, just not all the way. Give it a little more time, and give yourself some TLC, and it’ll get better. Try taking some probiotics (eating yogurt works, or you can take acidopholus), it helps restore the balance of good bacteria in your system.

    Hope you feel better.

    Oh, and I doubt it’s an STD, sudden onset of burning and itching can be a different type of infection maybe, but with STDs, there’s usually rather distinct symptoms to go along with those, for the STDs that have burning and itching in their symptoms bank. You could also try an at-home vaginal infection screening kit. Don’t work yourself up on the idea that there may be another partner involved, cuz you probably just have a yeast infection.

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