I am on my last day of treatment and I still have a yeast infection?

August 16th, 2012 by Emily
causes of yeast infection
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Question: I am on my last day of treatment and I still have a yeast infection?
I have been using the off brand Monistat 7 and tonight is my last dose but I still have a yeast infection. Can someone please tell me what the most effective way of treating a yeast infection is and how to prevent them? I am open to home remedies as well. Also, what causes yeast infections. I know antibiotics can because I get one each time I am on antibiotics but what else causes them?

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Answer by reean
hey u hav to move more 3-4 days to result if still u not satisfied with result kindly reply with more detailed i can help

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2 Comments on “I am on my last day of treatment and I still have a yeast infection?”

  1. Chelanna says:

    Give it another day. Drink lots of water, eat yogurt (balances good bacteria). If it’s still bothering you ina few days, go see a doctor. It may not be a yeast infection afterall, or perhaps he can prescribe something a little stronger.

  2. Lisa says:

    As you may already know, candida, the bacteria that causes yeast infections lives in the vagina. There is always a small amount of it but because the vagina itself is acidic with a Ph between 3-4 it is controlled, and doesnt bother at all. Ok, so you know about antibiotics, but any other factor (like soap, ovulation, condoms or any type of birth control ) that changes your vaginas Ph and makes it less acid is giving the candida a environment that is perfect for it to grow.

    Now about the remedy, give the monistat some time to work, but I recommend you to take Some Apple cider vinegar dilute it in some fresh water and sit on that mixture, in a tub or in a bucket, allowing your legs to be just a little open. Believe me THIS WORKS.
    Do it at often as you can :)
    Hope I helped!

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