I am worried these symptoms may be related for something more serious?

January 22nd, 2014 by Emily

Question: I am worried these symptoms might be related for something more serious?
I have been waking up with my tongue having yellow/white slime with what looks like a mixture of snot and blood daily. I brush my teeth, scrape my tongue and use mouthwash. Now I am noticing I am very tired, can’t stay awake to drive to or from work, during work or even to watch a 30 min show on television. I am also very hot, wearing less clothing even though it is in the negatives weather temp wise here. My sheets and pillow are soaked nightly. Could these symptoms related and is it something I should been seen for.

I do have sleep apnea self diagnosed, which we felt this tongue thing might have been related to. But now I am reading it could be an infection in my body.
I am a woman 37 years old. Diet is same but not healthy as it should be. No changes. I do not notice it being worse after intake certain things, but it is so bad each morning I silence and throw up. I do scrape it off which is where I can see the yellow/red grossness. Not on my tongue. I haven’t taken my temperature but I sweat non stop, especially while sleeping. Even at home I have to place on shorts and t shirt even though everyone else in the home is wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants for warmth. I am taking restless leg syndrome medicine when needed which lately has been more often. My calves and back are hurting constantly. My calves feel like I worked out the day before, (with no work out) and sore and tender. Charlie horses often. I haven’t had any other illnesses recently, I did lose a baby back in August, I already had the tongue symptom then. The tired has been a couple weeks now were I can’t even go an hour without falling asleep at work. Worst after lunch. Tried st

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Answer by No Name Now
First- I am very sorry to hear about your loss, I hope you are getting support for that because that can be so hard to deal with. I find it strange that your physician didn’t address the white patches while you were pregnant, because it’s not normal.

I feel like your symptoms are related and the symptoms you are describing sound like you have some type of bad infection. I would 110% advocate going to see someone for it because it’s not normal and it sounds like it is getting worse. Here’s what I would do/be thinking if you came into my office, obviously it’s easier to assess someone if you can see them in mortal (see how they look, if they look tired, exhausted, if they just look sick). I am picturing you as you describe things and if you look as bad as your symptoms sound, I might even think about admitting you to the hospital.

*Healthy adults don’t get white patches in their mouth- this is a sign of being immunocompromised (whether it be a systemic infection or some type of auto-immune disease). If I couldn’t tell from just looking at it, I would get a sample and send it to the lab. I’m thinking of thrush or oral leukoplakia (though this usually can’t be scraped off) and I’m just wanting to rule out more serious causes like oral cancer (if you smoke).

*The tiredness could be from so many things- it sounds like it is from whatever infection you have, your body is trying to tell you something and it’s trying to recover. It could be from anemia (which could be related to an autoimmune disease, GI bleed or just diet related) but also the fact that you have pains in your calves points to an electrolyte imbalance. I would get a CBC (to check your white blood cell count which checks for infection, your hemoglobin/hematocrit will test for anemia) and a BMP/CMP (which will show the electrolytes in your body and if they are out of the normal range).

*The soaking of your bed sheets- this could also be from some type of infection. When your body senses that it has something foreign it will increase the temperature in an attempt to kill off whatever it senses as foreign. This could also be a symptom of something like an endocrine disorder, but I’m feeling like it’s more of an infection based on your other symptoms.

I hope that helps you. I wish I could tell you not to be concerned, but I’m concerned and I don’t even know you. I really hope whatever you decide to do that you begin to feel better.

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One Comment on “I am worried these symptoms may be related for something more serious?”

  1. Country GIRL says:

    Sounds like some may be from your thyroid have that cked out as soon as you can.

    “THRUSH”. Thrush is characterized by white patches on the tongue and oral mucosa which are easily wiped off (non-adherent). This may present at any age however quite commonly will follow the use of antibiotics. The underlying pathogen here is Candida Albicans. This is a fungus which is usually in a normal “balance” with the normal bacteria seen in the oral cavity. When a patient takes antibiotics, many of the “normal” bacteria are killed. This upsets the normal “fugus/bacteria” balance and tips the scales in favor of the fungus, thus the fungus overgrows and becomes not only visible, but may be associated with redness of the lips, throat and gums. . Although the condition itself is rarely of a serious nature, it may persist in patients who do not get adequately treated. Also, patients with a compromised immune system not only are more prone to these types of infections, but also they may suffer serious complications if they are not adequately treated. The examining physician may do a “culture” of the area in question to help confirm the diagnosis. For oral thrush, the use of a nystatin suspension is quite effective.

    It is also possibly that uncontrolled acid reflux may be playing a role here. Other possibilities include an untreated (bacterial) infection of the mouth/throat.

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