? I can give my boyfriend an infection? N s yeast? What if? Oral l me, though?

March 18th, 2013 by Emily

asked: I can give my boyfriend an infection? n s yeast? what if? l gives me oral, but I’m a virgin .. My boyfriend and I have no plans to have sex .. But? L want to have oral sex .. I have an infection? Fungal n .. I was wondering if I can go to? L, without having actual sex, but oral .. Please help! ? Thank you! ? Please! Greatest answer: Response

im not seguropero not sound like a good ideaporque Guests may? Give you an infection? N in Bocay that back? Aa be nice

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2 Comments on “? I can give my boyfriend an infection? N s yeast? What if? Oral l me, though?”

  1. Just LiL'O Me says:

    Ewww don’t do it.
    Read your words INFECTION that means you have a infection, like bacteria

  2. cirkdone says:

    A yeast infection, also known as ‘thrush’ or a fungal infection, can be passed easily between male and female during any form of sexual activity.

    If you are infected and he inserts his penis into you he can get an infection on his penis (although the risk is minimal if he is fully circumcised). If he gives you oral sex then he can get the infection in his mouth.

    Conversely, if his penis is infected he can pass it to you by either penetrative sex or if you give him oral, in which case your mouth can be infected.

    Yeast/fungal infections are often amongst the hardest to clear up as they readily get passed between the partners. If either of you has an obvious infection then both should see the doctor (preferably together) so that treatment can ensure that both are cleared of the infection (which does not always show up with symptoms for the man).

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