“I can use Monistat for yeast infection dogs ear?

August 26th, 2009 by Emily

Question: I can use Monistat for a yeast infection dogs ear? is a Dachshund Spaniel mix, flexible and has long ears. For about a month now their ears have been itching horribly and smell bad. I have been cleaning their ears with ear cleaner and does not appear to be? I’ve heard about using Monistat for yeast infections of the ear for dogs … I was wondering if anyone else has been tested and works! Thanks for your comments and help:) ** I also notice that when I look in your ears … seems kind of dry, scaly looking for? Does the yeast or what? My mom is a poodle and ears get exactly the case, which led her to the vet and it was the yeast infection, they gave something like Monistat and clarified! Greatest answer:

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7 Comments on ““I can use Monistat for yeast infection dogs ear?”

  1. PittsburghTheresa says:

    YES, but first you should know if your dealing with a yeast infection virus a bacterial one.

  2. luv_a_pug says:

    No, it is not the same yeast. My border collie gets those in her ears, and what my vet told me to do was use 91% alcohol, which you can find at any pharmacy. Do not use 70% rubbing alcohol, it is not as good. Put about a capful into the ear, and massage it for about thirty seconds. Do both ears like this , every night for a few weeks and it should clear up. These infections are caused by moisture, and it dries it up great and she feels better quickly. I use it every time she gets her ears wet.

  3. bahammamomma25 says:

    NO! You have to be careful what you give/ put on your dog. Some things made for us are too strong for them. I would suggest taking it to a vet or going onto fostersmith.com and search for yeast infection medication. They have low prices.

  4. debbie says:

    You can use that or iodine. Iodine will clear ear mites and yeast infections. Clean the ear and apply it every few days for 2 weeks.

  5. sally_16930 says:

    have you pulled the hairs from inside the ears this will help. It wont hurt the dog much but it must be done cuz it will hold any drainage and make it smell, swab the ear with a Qtip and cleaner don’t just put in cleaner, she will like it.don’t try to pull all the hairs but most. hope this helps, but she might have ear mite in this case take to vet for meds.

  6. Niccitrickus says:

    My dog has the same problem. she has had it for years, basically all her life. Monistat wont work, nothing works really. the vet can give you some medication. the medication will not get rid of it completely but it will clear it up dramatically. you put it in their ear and clean it out with a q-tip. but you have to clean their ears at least 3 times a week.

  7. saving_grace915 says:

    I wouldn’t reccomend using Monistat for your dog’s ear infection. There are several different types of ear infections….one being a yeast infection and another common type is a bacterial infection. My dog Rascal also has floppy ears that cover up the actual inner ear part and he is constantly getting ear infections. My advice to you is to you is to first take him to the vet and get the perscription from the vet for the proper type of infection that she has. Once you know what kind of infection it is and it re-occurs later you can always go to a pet med website and order the medicine directly from the website instead of going back to the vet a million times and get charged not only for the medicine but the exam. I would only reccomend you treating it this way if you know for sure it looks the same as the last time your dog got the infection. I know with my dog it looks the same and smells the same. Also another really important thing is to really keep the dog’s ears clean. The first product i used was a wipe with stuff on it to clean the ears. However this product wouldn’t reach down into the ear canal where all of the infection was at so my vet recommended a liquid ear cleaner that you can pour into the dogs ear and squeeze the ear and gently rub it deeper into the ear. After you do that you just wipe the excess liquid out of the ear. I would reccommend that now while she has the infection to clean the ear pretty good every day until the medicine you get from your vet starts making good progress. Always clean the ear first and let it dry before you put the medicine in otherwise it’s pointless to use the medicine as it will be washed out and not effective. Also i don’t recommend using q-tips or sticking anything down into your dogs ears that you can’t see where its going…that might harm a dog’s ears more than help them. Only a vet should be probing in your dogs ears with a cotton swab.

    If your dog is prone to getting ear infections over and over again i would clean your dogs ears out on a weekly basis after the infection is gone and keep a good look out for any signs of a new infection and really nip it in the butt before it is a full blown infection.

    Ear infections in dogs can be serious if left untreated or not treated properly. The end result could be your dog losing its hearing or even might require your dog to have ear surgery. Not fun for your pocket book or your doggie! That’s why its sooooo important to at least go to your vet before you decide to start administering any kind of medicine. Also let your vet know if the medicine they prescribe is working and if its not let them know!!

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