? I can use yeast infection cream? N in early pregnancy?

January 9th, 2013 by Emily
infection? n cream yeast by Plants
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asked: I can use yeast infection cream? n in early pregnancy Is it innocuous to use yeast infection cream? n Greatest Answer : Answer

Please consult your doctor about this. ? Seriously! Yahoo Answers for something so serious?

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2 Comments on “? I can use yeast infection cream? N in early pregnancy?”

  1. mom to 2 boys, babygirl on the way!! says:

    yes a doctor can prescribe you a low dose just to be safe for the pregnancy since the early weeks are most crucial

  2. Mom to Bella and Cade says:

    Yes. Its safe. when i was in my first trimester, i got a yeast infection, and my doctor told me to use the over the counter monistat creams. It worked good, cleared the infection up. and its safe for use during pregnancy. There is a pill the doctor can prescribe you to clear up the infection, but typically doctors don’t like to prescribe you the pill until your at least in your 2nd trimester. so that’s why my doctor told me to use the monistat creams.

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