I got an intestinal yeast overgrowth. and it is hell to live with one!?

January 20th, 2012 by Emily

Question: I got an intestinal yeast overgrowth. and it is hell to live with one!?
symtoms are bad breath, bad skin bloating.

i got rid of em while on a special diet. but that diet is a living hell. this day is thanksgivingand couldn`t help but eat. and immeadiatly noticed all the symtoms above.

how should i treat this one? since i am trying to acquire weight for my sports i need to consume and can`t be on this diet for f-ing ever) should i use antifungul and what kind?

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Answer by Free Thinker
I have an awesome probiotic that works wonderfully. I will give you the info if you email me. I find that it works overnight but must be maintained to reestablish the intestinal flora.

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3 Comments on “I got an intestinal yeast overgrowth. and it is hell to live with one!?”

  1. Jessica says:

    You make your own choices. If you feel the food is worth the yeast infections, then there you go.

    Otherwise, you have the treatment for it (changing your diet). If you choose not to follow it, that’s your decision.

  2. mamamoon says:

    Trust me I know a little about restrictive diets. I have IBS and found my triggers include: dairy, whole wheat, bran, apple skins, grapes and most recently I have been having issues with gluten. Ever try and find easy vegetarian foods that don’t contain any of these? It sucks and yes I do cheat and then pay for it.
    You need to do what you need to do to make yourself feel better.

  3. Scocasso ! says:

    Yes, as the other person mentioned, you must reestablish your intestinal flora. See, when your flora dies off and the yeasts take over that’s where the problem starts. Usually this happens from taking certain medications like antibiotics or just a really bad diet in general.

    Look into a diet the will help with your flora. Eat yogurts (soy yogurt is fine too) and other such foods that have benifitial bacteria. Also, you can get intestinal flora supplements at health food stores which will help add some back into your diet. And improve your overall diet and lifestyle. Cut out sugar totally… sugar feeds the yeasts. Do some reading on it. Try to eat LIVE foods. That is, uncooked or very lightly cooked. Cooking food kills the enzymes present in fruits veggies, etc. Mango, papaya, and other fruits are also very good in this regard.

    Some people that have a really severe problem with this are also doing fecal transplants. That’s where someone (usually a healthy family member) donates some fecal matter to be flushed into the ill person’s large intestine. Sounds totally sick and gross and few doctors do this, but patients have been totally cured by this. BUT, I’ll be they do not alter their diet or lifestyle in an attempt to cure it.

    Anyway, that should get you started in the right direction.

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