I have chronic yeast infections that are immune to antibiotics. What do I do?

July 16th, 2012 by Emily
chronic vaginal yeast infection
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Question: I have chronic yeast infections that are immune to antibiotics. What do I do?
I’ve had chronic vaginal yeast infections for over a year, and they keep getting more and more severe it seems no matter what I do. The yeast keeps getting immune to antifungals and no matter what treatment I use it comes back within 3 days. It’s so bad, that it even grows effectively in some anti-fungal creams like miconozal and monostat. I’ve tried everything from dieting to douching with hydrogen peroxide. Lately I have been getting horrible cramps and nausea. I’m afraid that this condition will kill me. Can someone please help?

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Answer by Joshums
Your physician should be ready to prescribe stronger antifungals in pill form should your infection not respond to the creams.

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6 Comments on “I have chronic yeast infections that are immune to antibiotics. What do I do?”

  1. say it all... says:

    Talk to your doctor. I can’t recall what the name of the pill is but my doctor gives me a one dose pill that takes care of it…it’s stronger than the over the counter creams.

  2. ♥Alone Together♥ says:

    you need to go to your doctor/ ginacologist.. they’ll take a swab test to see what kind of bacteria is multiplying. if you’ve taken anti biotics before and it didn’t get rid of the infection then that means that you didn’t finish the course of your subscription so the bacteria survived and became more resistant.

  3. Rascal says:

    Have you tried eating lots of natural yogurt, it treats the problem from the inside out.
    Hope this helps.

  4. M'aiq the Liar says:

    I don’t know what it is, but this is OBVIOUSLY caused by some underlying condition that you should seek help for from a specialist. I hope you have money or live in Europe/Canada…

  5. e m says:

    Check to see if you have any autoimmune diseases. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had yeast infections almost every other week of my pregnant. Later, I discovered that I had an underactive thyroid.

    Perhaps what you have is not a yeast infection. See a doctor to rule out an STD.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Basically the reason you have a yeast infection is because there’s an imbalance in your body. A healthy person has a balance between the yeast in their body and the good bacteria in their body.

    Too much yeast, you have a yeast infection. Too much bacteria, you have a bacterial infection.

    So, when you have a yeast infection you essentially have too much yeast in your body relative to the good bacteria. The natural way to treat it and bring back that balance is to starve the yeast and introduce more good bacteria into your body.

    Oh and BTW – That’s why you often get relief from using the over the counter meds temporarily, and then the yeast infection comes back. The creams aren’t changing the source of the problem. They are just killing the yeast they come in contact with, and not balancing the yeast/bacteria in your body and actually sometimes end up making things a lot worse.

    Oh BTW2 – That’s also why many times you’ll get a yeast infection after using antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, the good and the bad. When that happens the balance between the yeast and good bacteria is off, and once again and you get a yeast infection.

    Things you can add to your diet (to help promote good bacteria) are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans

    Things you should remove from your diet (to starve the yeast) are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour, alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold

    Changing your diet will definitely get you on the road to balancing the yeast and good bacteria, but what I would also recommend is to use a homeopathic solution to help naturally speed up the process.

    I always feel if there’s a natural way to do something, then it’s best to avoid the chemicals. I would look for an natural product, that can be taken orally to promote re-growth of the good bacteria in your body.

    There are a few out there, I think they are probably all pretty good. One that I have used and was very effective for me was is yeastrol.
    Best of Luck!

    Hope this helps and best of luck! :)

    I added the link I used if you are interested in finding out more.

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