I need a natural remedy for candida …?

November 10th, 2011 by Emily

Adem question? S, you can get from kissing someone who has it? May be for a while without s? Thrush Symptoms? Be cured so r? Ask? I feel disgusted, and want to get rid of? L … Any help you can give me to be? to Fanta? stico.Para those of you with intelligent discourse, ** please do not waste my time … mismo.Mejor you keep response: Answer

natural cures are natural yogurt in smears of the area or place the oil? tree t? at the tip of a tamp? ne introduce it? last hour of the night before going to bed. You tickle a tiny time will make you not? gives? o r clear? pidamente.Usted can have thrush in high s who have no symptoms do for a while.

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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3 Comments on “I need a natural remedy for candida …?”

  1. CherryToppings says:

    You need to see a doctor, for anything sexually transmitted or transmitted anyway is serious and should be treated. Who told you that you can cure it at home? You need antibiotics. If there is a way to treat at home, which is highly unlikely, it would take forever for the natural antibiotics to work through your system to even get started healing. You can go to a free anonymous clinic. They are free and anonymous because they want you to get rid of whatever you have fast before you spread it.

    PS I didnt give him the remedy for a woman because he seems to be a man.

  2. witchrhizu says:

    Eat loads of yogurt and go to a health food store and get some high dose lactobacilli. 2 pills 2 times a day… It’s not fast, but getting rid of any type of infection takes time.

    Never heard of anyone getting it from kissing someone with it — probable. May depend to a certain extent on how much sugar is in your mouth.

    Symptoms may take a while to be noticeable — any overgrowth (IE infection) takes some time to get to where it’s noticeable.

    You can also rinse your mouth out with weak vinegar and water solution — candida doesn’t thrive in an acidic environment.

    You may also want to replace your toothbrush. Hope this helps.

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