I need to know why I keep on getting yeast Infection?

November 5th, 2011 by Emily

Question: I need to know why I keep on getting yeast Infection?
Hi, my study is Steffany I’m 23 years old and I have a question. Aproximately around September 2009 I developed an irritation and pain after sexual intercourse for the first time of my life. I got worried and I ask my PCP what could it be, we concur that it was most likely Yeast, so I go some over the counter suppositories, the irritation was still there so he recomended to take a single dosis of Diflucan and after that it will be absolutely gone. Well it didn’t go away so I went to the OBGYN she took a culture and looked it up on the microscope, it came up to be Yeast as we assumed before, she also tested me for Chlamydia because of my symptoms of pain during and after sex,I got also tested for HIV, Syphilis, sugar and Thyroid, everything came up normal and negative. My OBGYN gave me a vaginal cream that I used for 7 days,during those 7 days I got my period but I keep on using it, at the end of the treatment the infection was gone, but 2 weeks later it came back. I went back again to the OBGYN she looked up another sample under the microscope and the yeast was still there (at this point I was already following all the hygene advices that she gave me) She told me a few more hygene habits and some things that I need to stay away from and she gave me another prescription for Diflucan (single dose) I took it and follow all the instructions avoiding sexual intercourse and everything. During the inactivity time after taking the pill, I got my period and the infection was gone, but not for too long, each since then I been getting the same symptoms at least 1 week before my period comes, with the exception that I don’t get the irritation or pain, but I do get the white discharge without smell and the itchines. I don’t know what to do, it is very unconfortable and discusting to me. I have to state also that I’m married, been with same sexual partner for the last 5 years, I just turned 23 years old yesterday, and I been taking oral contraceptives for about 4 years (I used Yasmin and about 3 months ago I switched to Ocella the substitute for Yasmin) I haven’t been on any antibiotic treatment, and always but, even more after the first diagnosis of yeast, keep good hygenic habits. I will apreciate if you can guide me on what to do since I don’t want to go to the OBGYN have them do a culture and give me another treatment that will help only for a few weeks and then it will come back. Thank you for your help

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Answer by Jason
Vaginitis is usually characterized by a vaginal discharge and/or vulvar itching and irritation, and a vaginal odor might be present. The three diseases most frequently associated with vaginal discharge are BV (replacement of the normal vaginal flora by an overgrowth of anaerobic microorganisms, mycoplasmas, and Gardnerella vaginalis), trichomoniasis (T. vaginalis), and candidiasis (usually caused by Candida albicans). Cervicitis can sometimes cause a vaginal discharge. Even Though vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) usually is not transmitted sexually, it is included in this section because it is frequently diagnosed in women being evaluated for STDs.

Depending on the type of infection you might have vaginal discharge. If you think you might be at risk for contracting an STD, it is important that you get tested even if you have no symptoms. Many infected individuals have no visible signs of a particular disease. If you are infected, you could develop complications from the STD and pass the infection to others. You can prevent serious health issues by getting tested early, so that you can seek treatment.

Vaginal Discharge is a common symptom for women who is infected with sexually transmitted infection. A change in the color, smell, or amount of your vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is normally clear or white. Yellow or green discharge with a strong fishy odor. This might mean you have bacterial vaginosis. Curd-like, cream-colored discharge. This might mean you have a yeast infection.

Vaginal discharge is a frequent presenting complaint. The three most common diseases associated with vaginal discharge are trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, and candidiasis. However, a significant number of patients with vaginal discharge will have some other condition.

The risk of becoming infected with an STD can be reduced or eliminated by decisions about individualized behavior. Abstinence from sexual relations or a monogamous relationship with a partner who is not having sex outside are legitimate options. It is also wise to have an STD Testing regularly and stay away from sexual contact with partners who are known to be infected with an STD, whose health position is unknown, who abuse drugs, or who are involved in prostitution.

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2 Comments on “I need to know why I keep on getting yeast Infection?”

  1. Danielle says:

    Email me and I will give you advice. Its under my profile. Thanks!

  2. Ms. Ktrina says:

    Ok, listen to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yeast is caused by a bateria that is out of control right , you know, Dont wear tampons……That cotton in your pussy can irrate you up there

    Sont wear a thong g string underwear, because the anas bateria moves to the front of your vagina and makes the left over poop go into your pussy when you walk around, so wear white breathable cotton, not spandex…..

    eat yoguat with live cultures organic nancy yoguart is the best lots of good bateria….

    Change your laundry soap or just hand wash your panties and pants with a mild bar of bath soap….laundry can irrate the private……..

    Change your bar of soap , I was using Dove and it was burning my daughters and my private….So go to a co-op or hippy store and get a no smell no dye no purfume plain vegetable bar of soap I get a vegetable vitamin e soap at our local food co-op…

    Good luck, just know dr.’s dont always know the natual way of healing problems………Also if you take a clove of garlic, unpeeled , but dont cut it the garlic oil can burn your vagina canal…..Take it and shove the garlic clove up your vagina for the day and sit or at night………..Go on line and read about natural ways to heal a yeast problem……..

    Also to much sugar from alcohol or candy can make yeast go crazy………

    Also an old tip from a 90 year old women what women did back then, put plain yogaurt with the live good bactia cultures on your vagina and alittle in your vagina at night and wear a pad that helps to kill the over active yeast you have…….

    And last when you have a period like my dr. told me it changes the PH level in your vagina soooooo it brings your body yeasts back to normal….Alll women have yeast just some get an over grown more then others and every day we get older so our bodies do change………………God Bless please try all of these things i have told you about…….

    Remember get a good natural plain yougart to eat or put on your private, stay away from nurtasweet and aspertame,,, those chemicals are posion for the brain and the body

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