I think my daughter has thrush? When her duty? Go to physician?

November 24th, 2013 by Emily

Question: I think my daughter has thrush? When her duty? Go to physician? I discovered? these white bumps on my daughters tongue and lower lip yesterday. Since the physicians offices were closed, investigu? in l? line. Seriously thinking it’s thrush. She picked? binki his cousins ??yesterday and was sucking in? l, as? already pre-warned? My Brother? ada regard. My daughter is 1? Old or has not breastfed in me s 8 months. But have you? Do who still? A pod? To get a bottle. It does not seem like he was in pain. No fever or other diseases. I am debating on when duty? See the physician. Either a couple of hours in the emergency room, or I can move a week to get an appointment with your pediatrician. ? Cu? Ndo should go? O? Qu? I can do at home to make it go Greatest answer:

Thrush is not contagious, and actually a visit to an emergency room is not justified. B? Basically an infection? N fungal mouth is. P? Ngase Contact your pediatrician, and possibly pod? Calling in a prescription m? Indicates to treat it until you can be seen.

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3 Comments on “I think my daughter has thrush? When her duty? Go to physician?”

  1. Amber says:

    you dont have to take her to the doctor, just treat her with gentian violet and if your breast feeding you need to treat you nipples too.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Actually thrush is contagious and after being treated she can be reinfected if what she’s caught it from still has it on. This is why breastfeeding mothers are also treated for thrush when baby has it

    So you’re right to warn your sister in law, I’m hoping she sterilised the dummy!

    A chemist should be able to give you something for her so go there rather than the ER and call your doctor for an appointment

  3. Ellen says:

    You should not have to wait a week for an appointment for your baby to be seen. This is an illness which needs to be treated quickly. Nurse Jacki is wrong-it is highly contagious, just as athlete’s foot and jock itch (same organism) are contagious.

    Call the doctor now and ask to be seen today or tomorrow. If you can not be accommodated, ask about the emergency department or other arrangements. As I said before, it might not be thrush, but it could be quite contagious. And while she may not be you uncomfortable now, thrush can be painful, and so can other oral problems.

    Oral thrush can usually not be treated successfully at home, and you’re not even sure that it’s thrush.

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