i want to find out how to get rid of candida without having to nuy a book or some product?

February 21st, 2011 by Emily
natural candida cures
by mauroguanandi

Question: i want to find out how to get rid of candida without having to nuy a book or some product?
I read in a book about natural cures that there is a cure for candida however i no longer have acess to that book and i can’t find a website that doesn’t want to sell me something.
candida is a fungus and antibiotics actually cause it to be worse

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Answer by Tango55
Go to your Physician and get a very strong antibiotic. Home remedies won’t do.

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4 Comments on “i want to find out how to get rid of candida without having to nuy a book or some product?”

  1. private.online says:

    totally agree – home remedy don’t work on that nasty stuff

  2. globalmedops says:

    Go get seen. You need to find out the underlying cause of the infection. You are correct, you need antifungal medication. Don’t wait.

  3. clickgirl says:

    You have to use an antifungal, not an antibiotic unless there is an infection, of course.

  4. Christine says:

    The best person to see would be a qualified and reputable Naturopath who deals with women’s issues – not your GP. Modern medicine only goes so far with candida and isn’t a permanent soloution.

    The best natural things to do that have worked for me are to :

    * Cut down on your sugar intake – sugar encourages yeast to grow in your body

    * Avoid ANYTHING with yeast – especially bread! Check all processed foods ingredient lists to make sure they’re ok.
    Eg. Original flavour doritos are fine but Nacho Cheese doritos have yeast plus a whole heap of other things.

    * If you must eat bread try corn tortilla’s or eat sourdough bread that creates it’s own yeast and doesn’t have any added. Always avoid white starchy processed bread.

    * Avoid any foods that may have mould in them, aged cheeses (stick to younger ones like mozzarella) mushrooms etc

    * Take acidpholous tablets (available at your chemist in the refrigerated section) They help to promote good bacteria in your body.

    * Drink heaps of water

    * Avoid alcohol – it does the same thing as sugar

    * Avoid any cured or pickled foods – eg ham, salami – essentially the more processed food is the worse it is for candida

    * Not sure where you live but I’m in Australia where we have a priduct called Vegemite which is essentially made out of a yeast extract – avoid anything like this (similar to marmite and promite)

    Finally, eat heaps of vegetables!

    Have a look at the sites listed in the sources section. Good Luck!

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