If you were given gentian violet for thrush in your infant how many times did your doc tell you to use it?

January 4th, 2012 by Emily

Question: If you were given gentian violet for thrush in your infant how many times did your doc tell you to use it?
We did a 2 day treatment and my son and I have it again a week later.

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Answer by swanky35
2 times a day

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2 Comments on “If you were given gentian violet for thrush in your infant how many times did your doc tell you to use it?”

  1. mystic_eye_cda says:

    1 I don’t recommend gentian violet, many people think its a natural treatment but its actually a coal tar derivative
    #2 Regardless of how you treat yeast you must continue treatment for at least two weeks AFTER all symptoms are gone, to allow your natural flora a chance to rebalance

    Gentian violet is a water soluble dye (coloring substance) used primarily in medicine to stain bacteria, but also in other histological procedures. It is not derived from gentians, but got its name since it is pink-violet like some gentians in the genera of Centaurium, Gentiana, and Gentianella. Gentian violet is derived from coal tar. Another common name for gentian violet is crystal violet, and it is also called Andergon, Aniline Violet, Axuris, Badil, Basic Violet 3, Brilliant Violet 5B, C.I. 42555, Gentiaverm, Hexamethyl-p-Rosaniline Chloride, Hexamethylpararosaniline Chloride, Meroxylan, Meroxyl, Methylrosaniline Chloride, Methyl Violet 10BNS, Methylvioletti, Mythyrosailine Chloride, Pyoctaninum Caeruleum, Pyoktanin, Vianin, Viocid, and Viola Crystallina.



    The Food and Drug Administration has determined that gentian violet has not been shown by adequate scientific data to be safe for use in animal feed. Use of gentian violet in animal feed causes the feed to be adulterated and in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 21CFR589.1000

    Gentian violet’s worst common side effect is staining skin and cloth, but if used on ulcerations or open wounds it can cause tattooing. It is generally considered safe for use on children and breastfeeding mothers. It has even been applied to the mouth and lips of premature infants, and has a long history of safe use. Many have recommended it for thrush on the nipple, and La Leche League lists gentian violet as a possible alternative.[1] However, in large quantities, gentian violet may lead to ulceration of a baby’s mouth and throat and is linked with mouth cancer. Dr. Sears recommends using it sparingly.[2] Gentian violet has also been linked to cancer in the digestive tract of other animals.[3]

    Identifying and Treating Thrush

    Treatment in both mother and baby should continue for at least 1-2 weeks after all symptoms are gone. All of the following remedies are considered compatible with breastfeeding and do not necessitate any cessation of the nursing relationship.

    Information Sheet and Care Plan for Yeast (Candida)

    Yeast and Thrush

  2. 4th & last, had her last! says:

    There are different answers to this… I’ve read 2 days, and I’ve also read 4 days, then 2 days off, then 4 more days. (If needed for that long.)

    Grapefruit seed extract, may also work… Good luck!

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