Infant Thrush Question?

June 24th, 2014 by Emily
infant thrush mouth
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Question: Infant Thrush Question?
My son has Thrush in his mouth. I know its a fungal infection and all that and we have medicine that’s supposed to clear it up, but my mother states that Thrush is painful to the baby. I was wondering if this is true. Anyone have experience with this? I know a lot about when horses get Thrush, does anyone know if its kind of the same thing?

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Answer by xxredrobinxx1981
No, its different in horses. Just take your baby to the physician and get him taken care of.

Good Luck!

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6 Comments on “Infant Thrush Question?”

  1. mom says:

    My doctor said it’s not painful just uncomfortable. It’s itchy, dry, etc. If you are still worried about it call your doctor office and just ask.

  2. amber_36532 says:

    I’ve heard that it hurts the baby, but when my daughter had it she didn’t seem to act like it hurt her, I guess it’s different to all babies. I hope it clears up soon!

  3. A Y says:

    Had no idea that horses got thrush! But yes, your mom is right. It is painful for the baby, just as it is painful to you if you get it on your nipples. There was a question like this posted a couple of days ago… and many of us agreed that Nystatin, the normal medicine prescribed, is not very effective. If this happens to you, a few women recommended Grapefruit seed extract (I think that’s what it was… but search “thrush” on this site and you should be able to find it.) I used Gentian Violet (over the counter) and it worked, though it was EXTREMELY messy and a pain in the butt. If I had it to do over, I’d try the grapefruit stuff (clear it with your pediatrician, of course). The women swore by it. Good luck!

  4. nwside_houston says:

    Mine had thrush in his mouth (bottle fed). He didn’t seem to be in any pain and it didn’t cause him to eat any less. So, even though it looked pretty bad…it didn’t really seem to bother him at all!

  5. Heather says:

    My 6 wk old has thrush right now. She has had it for three weeks, but she doesn’t sct as though it bothers her. I did the Nystatin for two weeks, we ended having to go back and get more after the first bottle didn’t clear it up. I had my mom talk to some doctors at her work (she’s a nurse in an E.R.) and they all said it didn’t hurt the baby, and that it would eventually go away on it’s own, but that I could try that Gretian Violet. Just make sure your boiling all nipples and pacifiers at least every other day. I try to do it every morning, but that doesn’t always happen, Good Luck!

  6. Zoe Olivia's mommy :) says:

    I think it is painful for baby because when my daughter had it she was irritable and fussy during feedings. Also my mom actually had thrush recently in her mouth (her immune system was down due to chemotherapy) and she said it hurts like a bad sore throat. So yes, it does hurt them but not sure to what degree.

    Also you are probably using either nyastin or dyflucan from the doctor. I tried both of those and neither worked in my daughter’s case. I also tried grapefruit seed extract which also did not work. The only thing that really cleared it up was gentian violet, and it only took like 2-3 days for it to be all gone. I was so paranoid about it being so messy, but it wasn’t messy at all… just be careful, wear old clothes and put a towel down. Smear a little Vaseline around his lips first. Then dip a q-tip in the gentian violet and put it in your baby’s mouth to suck on. You can buy gentian violet at most drug stores for like $3. I got mine at

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