infection? n of the yeast – like asking the m? doctor?

June 12th, 2011 by Emily

Question: infection? No yeast – like asking the m? Physician ? I’m 99.99% sure i have an infection? No yeast, I have spent so much time researching to try to find a way to get rid of? Ly all state the same thing – if it’s your first, go to m? Doctor! As? I have an appointment with the m? physicians of tomorrow, but what I say?! if you need convincing that s? I’m in unastengo: piebald? n, swelling of the vulva pain, dryness, reques, use, such as discharge, inc? mode / burning when urinating and I think there maybe a cut before opening the vagina also? n? Tambi? n saw the photos of yeast infections, gross i s?, and it matched. (Statement of objections.? What? I tell my doctor?: (“I think I have an infection? No yeast? Give me some advice please first infected! Tambi? No I did the whole shebang the other day? to before I was sure it was an infection? n of levadurayknow as “fingers” oral sex, continuation? n, then sex? there any chance that this has prefabricated it worse? Y? I can ask the m? physician to see if I am pregnant at the time of Dyou without thinking? Greatest answer: Wed Answer Lovey you what I have
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3 Comments on “infection? n of the yeast – like asking the m? doctor?”

  1. ♥ v. says:

    Its quite simple.
    Tell your doctor about the symptoms your having and suggest that it could be a yeast infection.
    In which it probably is, he/she will either give you a prescription or tell you what kind of over the counter medication to get, monistat, canesten. ect.
    I wouldn’t suggest sexual activity during this time as you could easily pass along the infection (yes men can get them too!) and/or become or irritated down there.
    Women get Yeast infections throughout their life. Its a very common occurrence!
    Your doctor has dealt with MANY of these cases.

  2. Ashlyn Smitty says:

    yup just say that its okay

  3. Kris May says:

    Doctors are professionals and deal with physical ailments everyday so do not be embarrassed. During your appointment, be upfront and explain to your doctor your current situation and what he recommends is the best treatment. Remember tho, antibiotics are counted among one of the causes of yeast infection. In fact, regular intake of a few antibiotics can even lead to chronic yeast infection.

    If you are still hesitant on seeing a physician then I recommend you try one of the natural remedies proven to rid of yeast infection. Many people are turning towards natural remedies to rid of their yeast infections because they are free from unwanted side effects and they are also easily available. Not to mention OTC medications are very expensive.

    Here are some PROVEN natural remedies to cure yeast infection:

    *Benefits of Garlic, Honey, Water, And Vinegar*

    Garlic is considered one of the major weapons that nature has provided us to fight against yeast. You should apply some garlic paste on the infected area. Burning sensation for some time is natural when you apply garlic. In the long run, this will work like magic.

    Though it is a bit sticky, yet if you apply honey on the affected area regularly before bedtime and after waking up, you will soon feel much better.

    Water is an antioxidant that helps you in urinating. It is another vital natural cure for yeast infection. It is through urine and feces that we purge our body of infection. Drink as much water as you can.

    Vinegar can directly kill the yeast. However, you will have to bear some pain once you apply the solution on the infected area.

    For more information on how to permanently rid of your yeast infection I suggest you take a look at the article in the source below.

    Best of Luck,
    Kris May

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