Infection? N recurring yeast – sign of an intestinal imbalance?

August 22nd, 2012 by Emily
sign of infection? yeast n
by Ed Yourdon

Question: infection? n recurring yeast – sign of an intestinal imbalance If someone has an infection? n recurring yeast despite sufficient treatment with antimic? ticos, etc, this Guests may? to be a sign an intestinal imbalance between good and bad bacteria Greatest Answer : Response Guests may

? to be a sign of diabetes

? ade your own answer in the comments!

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4 Comments on “Infection? N recurring yeast – sign of an intestinal imbalance?”

  1. Working Cat Studios says:

    Often when good bacteria is reduced due to antibiotics or other drugs it leaves an opening for yeast to develop.

  2. oldtimekid2 says:

    Yes, it’s very possible. Thankfully, there are more doctors that are coming to remember their Immunology 101 that there is good bacteria in the body that should balance out the bad bacteria and that antibiotics kill both… but not all doctors are at that point.
    When antibiotics kill off the good bacteria (commonly referred to as Probiotics) in an effort to kill the bad bacteria and the Probiotics aren’t replenished to keep that balance, it’s all too common to have recurring infections… the best way to fight this is to simply add more Probiotics to your daily regimen. Yogurt and Kefir have Probiotics in them, but no where near enough to make a fast impact on replenishing the bacteria that a good Probiotic supplement (one with 30+ billion viable organisms from several strains) can.
    In addition to Probiotics, Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract also help to fight the yeast infection directly, so those three together are a very good combination to fight the yeast. Most of the cases I’ve heard of that used regimens like this showed an impact within just a few days (where they noticed some benefits) and were often almost completely gone within a month or so, but some more extreme cases took longer. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  3. Nitram says:

    don’t you think it would be helpful to say WHERE you have this infection?

    If it’s vaginal then you need to treat both yourself and your partner at the same time. Often a tablet for you and cream for him.

  4. thenoseknows says:

    Yes. If antibiotics/antifungals have been used previously it kills off the good gut flora that normally keeps candida in check. The answer is to take a high quality probiotic supplement. You can kill of the remaining candida with grapefruit seed extract which doesn’t harm good gut flora.

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