Infection? No yeast .. sex?

May 2nd, 2011 by Emily

Question: infection? No yeast .. sex? I have an infection? No yeast, and have been using the cream canesten for a day to and a bit, I was planning to have sex with my boyfriend ma? Ana.Estoy har really worried? da? o.Si is as? ? What? I can do to make it less painful? And in addition? s, canesten cream really get rid of the infection? us? zona.estoy soothe the confused and really need some respuestas.POR PLEASE! x Fri Reply by Macz
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5 Comments on “Infection? No yeast .. sex?”

  1. POWERSHAKER says:

    Oh! good grief! Get better and then have sex! Drink some cranberry juice! Also, there’s medication for sale that’s not that expensive. Also, control yourself. You are not his slave! Heal before having sex! Any decent man would respect your right to healing! I’m a man. I should know!

  2. ♥ Jordan ♥ says:

    dont do it until its completely gone.
    go to the docs. they guve you pills.
    all they do is have you pee in a cup.
    take the pills it will make it go away.

  3. jessica says:

    The cream youre using is used to kill off the yeast. This website can explain more
    As far as having sex with your boyfriend I would hold out. Guys can’t catch a yeast infection but it can cause them irritation. I dont know of anything to help with the pain.

  4. lookinright says:

    Yes it will still hurt….You should try the one day treatment yeast infection creams. Even with the one day treatment it takes a while for it to heal.. And if you plan on using condoms the canesten cream can cause the condom to break or rip. Ask your boyfriend to be patient with you…if he refuses this raises a flag as to what type of guy he is…

  5. S W says:

    Allow your body to recover from the infection before having sex with your boyfriend.

    You need to allow the medication to work for you, and if you do that, you’ll be back to your old self again in no time.

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