Infection yeast?

March 15th, 2011 by Emily
infection yeast
by Patrick Denker

Question: Infection yeast?
My man and I had the same infection last summer .We had treatament and everything went ok . I for instance was clean but he still had something left from the infection but nothing serious UNTIL we had sex a few times without the condom ( at the begin ) and right now im having the same simptomes that includes bloating,white discharge, a tiny bit of ovaries feel soar ..i dont know how to explane but..the same sucks man is freaking out..Im alos angry at myself because it was his ideea to have sex without endorsement even tho he still had something ..but the point is im really short on money right now and have exams and all it safeif i follow the same treatment i did the first time ..?

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Answer by B.J
maybe i would go on with the same treatment but if it continues i would get it checked out, superior to be innocuous then sorry

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