is creamy yogurt can cure yeast infection?

October 24th, 2012 by Emily

Question: is creamy yogurt can cure yeast infection?
please try to help me, i have yeast infection. i purchase yogurt and i purchase yogurt was creamy yogurt. so i would to ask if that yogurt can cure yeast infection?

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Answer by Jennifer D
it will help with the itch but you can purchase medicine for it over the counter that will make it better-if you do use yogurt make sure it is plain

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4 Comments on “is creamy yogurt can cure yeast infection?”

  1. saskia says:

    no not creamy yougart,it has to be live natural yougart,and it does calm down a yeast infection

  2. disdrawkcab says:

    It seems that plain,unsweetened Yogurt can do that.Doesn’t say anything about “creamy” yogurt though.

  3. La Nutritionista says:

    What helps in the yogurt is the probiotics, or “good bacteria.”
    The more varieties of good bacterias listed and the less sugar the better. Sugar feeds the yeast (like making bread or sour dough starter). Lactobacillus acidophilus, as found in yogurt, is one of many good bacterias needed. The more organic and less sugar the better. Oganic have many varieties of good bacterias i.e. CascadeFresh by Cascade Farms has Activ8, 8 live cultures, Brown Cow and Horizon brands have 4-6. Ultraviolet light doesn’t kill all the good bacterias in organic as heat pasteurized does in the non-organics. You’d have to eat alot though. (Read the ingredients and avoid aspartame, a sugar substitute found in the lights and low calorie yogurts. Aspartame can make it worse. Google it.) Best to go to a reputable nutrition store like GNC and get a bottle of probiotic capsules. This is also recommended to people who have had to take antibiotics, cold, sinus and other medications, digestive problems (IBS and high stomach acid kill good bacterias). Also google pH therapy. You tend to get yeast infections more when your body’s pH is very acidic. Caffeines, sugars and fried or refined foods make you more acidic which is a better invironment for yeast and bad bacterias (like ones that cause ulcers) need to live in. Restrict these. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Another thing to get and try especially if you have burning or itching is cranberry concentrate (no sugar added). Don’t drink cranberry juice which has too much sugar and again can feed the yeast. Cranberry also improves your pH and can also help those who get urinary tract infections. Hope this helps. best of luck to you ! :o )

  4. David H says:

    In the matter of yeast infection treatments which are natural or herbal, you have a number of options open to you. These range from the messy to the sublime to the comforting.

    If we go with messy yeast infection treatments a mention should definitely be made of yogurt treatments. Next up would be herbal boluses, and after that the more complicated of the herbal douches used as yeast infection treatments.

    The sublime yeast infection treatments are the ones that bring you immediate relief from your discomfort, and yogurt should also be included in this section as well. The application of yogurt to the vagina can bring about immediate relief for many people which is why it is a preferred method of yeast infection treatments.

    The comforting yeast infection treatments include no, not yogurt, but a sitz bath. In this particular treatment you sit with widespread legs in a bath filled hip deep with warm water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar, and let the soothing conditions relieve you of your yeast infection.

    Overall though, all of these yeast infection treatments work on some level or other. You just need to find the one which suits you.

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