Is it a good idea to pump while my 1 month old has thrush?

February 11th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Is it a good theory to pump while my 1 month old has thrush She gave me thrush and is incremental? ably painful. No drugs est? N working for any of us right now. Everyone states that mammals s the baby? S tend to keep infecting apiece other, as well? I bought? a bomb and figure I’ll give it a biber? n until we both healed. Is it this a good plan? She will not get confusion? Fish n? N that har? Greatest answer: Response

Put in f? Formula. She gave him thrush, next you will bite your nipples when you place some dientes.Usted can not tell the difference between a child? F or fed? Formula and infants, why? Trav made? s of all the pain?

? Qu? you think? Answer below

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3 Comments on “Is it a good idea to pump while my 1 month old has thrush?”

  1. Sarah says:

    No, bottle feeding won’t help matters, and it’s highly likely that it will indeed hurt your breastfeeding relationship. Especially this early, but certainly at any time, pumping because of thrush is not going to help. You need to keep breastfeeding directly. Check out kellymom’s page on thrush. Have you tried genetian violet? Your doctor can treat your baby and you, or some people get it at health food stores. That sometimes is more effective than Nystatin. Good luck~

  2. Elle says:

    Get a bottle that mimics the breast and nipple confusion will not be an issue. I had to pump and bottle feed for a week when my girl was only a week old, she never got confused in any way. And the switch back to breast was seamless. I like breastflow bottles by the first years. The Dr. brown one we tried leaked horribly. good luck!

  3. fosho22 says:

    My daughter got thrush when she was 1month also, I never took he to the doc for it.. instead swabbed her mouth & my nipples soda after every feeding.. This helped clear up the thrush w/o meds. I continued to nurse but since I treated both of us w/club soda this helped from reinfection.

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