Is it bad to use a tampon while getting rid of a yeast infection?

August 27th, 2013 by Emily
how to get rid of yeast infection
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Question: Is it bad to use a tampon while getting rid of a yeast infection?
Is it a bad theory to use a tampon while getting rid of a yeast infection? I was given medicine to take orally three days ago and it has been going away. Also, my gyno noticed that I have a lot of irritation and bumps due to it being a harsh infection. Now would it be a bad theory to use tampons because I read that you could make the infection worse and near it further into the body. Would it be okay if I just used it for one day when it gets really bad?

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Answer by [N]et
It’s ok. In my opinion, most yeast infections can be treated at home with natural methods such as plain yogurt(eat or Insert some into the vagina), showering with vinegar(so be careful), drink a lot of water, etc. Here are good articles about the truth of this infection and success stories of how to treat a yeast infection naturally. It’s very useful for you.

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3 Comments on “Is it bad to use a tampon while getting rid of a yeast infection?”

  1. Mandy A says:

    To be on the safe side do not use a tampon. Inserting a tampon can and will further irritate the infection and vaginal mucosa. The longer a tampon is in for, the longer it is soaking/holding menstrual blood in the vagina. Our blood contains glucose (sugar), which can help bacteria thrive. I know it’s uncomfortable, but please use a pad or pantyliner instead of a tampon. If you use a tampon the infection could worsen or not go away, and then you will need more antibiotics and have irritated genitals longer, which, let’s face it, is not fun.

  2. Mandy Lambert says:

    It will not kill you, but think. You already have an infection, so why risk TSS, or sticking your hands up there to get something in. You can, but beware, even washing hands could get some soap up there. I think your better of with a nice soft pad and some PJ”S

  3. allie_gator_opps says:

    Using a tampon won’t push the infection further into the body- but it will probably hurt like hell to put on in.

    Wait til you’re clear.

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