is it common for a baby to have thrush in his mouth?

June 18th, 2012 by Emily
baby thrush mouth
by nottsexminer

Question: is it common for a baby to have thrush in his mouth?
my baby is six month old now. he is lealthy with no problem. but when he was two months, i notices some thick white thrushes on his mouth specially on his tongue. i used Nistatine to clean them and then they gone. But i was just reading an article which was about autistic babies with candida and yeast infections. I do not know if these thrushes was also a kind of thoses candia or not? please help.

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Answer by smwat03
Its normal for babies to get thrush. If a baby gets it, that does not mean the baby is autistic. It could of been the candida yeast, thats normal in babies also. Dont freak yourself out.

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5 Comments on “is it common for a baby to have thrush in his mouth?”

  1. naughtygurl796 says:

    most babies have it, its very common, just go buy some tooth and gum cleaner and clean his mouth 2 times a day just as you brush your teeth

  2. i love my family says:

    both my son and daughter both had it. just go to your local doctor and they will give you something. not to worry ok sweetie.

  3. The Sh*t says:

    it’s very common for babies to get thrush. my daughter (4 years old) had thrush two or three times. She doesn’t have autism. The autism awareness issue is twofold. On one side, it’s excellent that doctor’s and parents are becoming aware of this very real problem. On the other side, because it is now being studied so much and becuase there is so much interest doctors are finding almost every POSSIBLE link and before these things are proven or disproven they are fed to the media and then to parents, causing parents to worry over nothing. Doctor’s don’t know what causes autism. They are grasping at straws at this point and so is the media. Any chance of a link and everyone jumps on it. Try not to worry, it is very likely that autism isn’t caused by thrush.

  4. Corasmom says:

    It’s super common to have thrush, and lots of people have candida, too, without being autistic.

    Thrush is treated with nystatin liquid in the baby’s mouth, and nystatin ointment on your nipples, because otherwise you’ll just pass it back and forth when baby eats! Go to the doctor, and get the prescription, and it’s no big deal. Or, go to the health food store and get gentian violet (ask them how to use it, it’s easy).

  5. No Longer Dizzy says:

    If you had vaginal thrush when he was born (and many women get it in pregnancy, without any symptoms), it could easily have transferred to him on the way out. It usually takes a few weeks before you can see it in his mouth. My son got it at 6 weeks and he is not autistic. He’s now 13 years old and normal.

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